Celebrities You Had No Idea Were HIV Positive

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On World Aids Day, you could see the social sites filled with articles related to AIDS and HIV. Some of these articles give you a deeper knowledge on the subject, while some discuss about the precautions you can take to avoid getting infected.

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Here, in this article, we are about to share the list of a few famous people who had/have been suffering from AIDS; and this list comes as a shocker, as most of these celebs had hidden their condition for a very long time.

So, check out this list of celebs who had/have been famous in various fields, but were/are unfortunate, as they had/have contracted this deadly disease!

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Check out the list below...


#1: Andy Fraser

He was just 15 years old when he became the founding member and base player for the rock band Free. He had a career for 40 long years! He spent his adult life on the road by playing the guitar and living a rockstar life. He revealed that he had been battling HIV and a rare form of cancer since 1990. Sadly, he lost his battle against AIDS and cancer in March 2015.

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#2: Chris Smith

He is not a musician or an entertainer, but instead is a member of the Parliament in the United Kingdom. He made headlines across Europe in 1984 when he confessed to the world that he was gay. In the year 2005, he received backlash from the media when he confessed that he was HIV positive since 1987. He is currently working at the Master of Pembroke College in Cambridge.

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#3: Charlie Sheen

Damn! Our childhood has been ruined after reading this news! Sheen has been the highest paid actor on television and his confession about being HIV positive has broken many hearts! (we wish it was not true)


#4: Greg Louganis

During Summer Olympics in 1988, Greg Louganis had a tragic accident in which he hit his head on the diving board and had concussions. This did not stop him from winning gold medals. He hid his medical condition for years, until he finally gave in and as a result, many sponsors dropped out and he was even accused of not confessing the fact when he had spat blood in the pool during the accident!


#5: Eazy-E

He was one of the most influential rappers in 1990's. He was also known as "Godfather of Gangsta Rap". Unfortunately, he had a very short span of life when he discovered that he was HIV positive. He succumbed to his medical condition in just a single month!

All these guys just make us realise that fame and status does not matter when it comes to getting infected by this deadly disease! So, watch out and be prepared before you get into action.

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