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What The Shape Of Nails Tells About You

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It is said that "face is the index of the mind", just like that the shape of your fingers can reveal much about your nature. Having said that, each person is unique in his/her own way, but some your nails can actually predict your character too.

Just like how the first appearance of a person sets an impression of his/her in your mind, without actually knowing him/her, the same way, the shape of nails can reveal a lot too.

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Notice the shape of your nails and find in this article what your nail shape says about your nature. This can be a simple test of your personality based on your nail shape. The rules are simple and the results could surprise you.

Sometimes, we may be unaware of certain traits in us, but having a look at the nail shapes may reveal a lot of such traits to you. So, go through the article and find out more about your true nature.

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PS: This may exactly not give you all the details, but we recommend you to try it for some fun.

Have a look at this article and know what your nails say about your character.


Wide, Flat Nails

People with this nail type have a clear mind and analyse everyone and everything. You are trusted and known as a reliable person who always understands, listens and thinks before saying anything. People may turn to you for some suggestions and advice.


Long, Rectangular Shape

People having this nail shape are very outspoken and communicative. You are highly satisfied to meet new friends and highly welcome new experiences in life. You learn from the past and make your present better. You also tend to expand your horizons. You give optimal solutions to any problems and pay attention to the smallest details.


Uneven And Short Nails

People with this nail shape are very sensitive and insightful. You appear to be a moody and calm person to others. However, you are emotional and soft from within, which people fail to notice.


Short, Round Nails

You are very creative and energetic, and may be having some hidden talents. People enjoy your company, as you are filled with positive thoughts and attitude. People may think that your are stubborn, but you know what you want.


Triangular Nails

You are brave and passionate. You are a determined person and know what you want from life. The hard work you put in to all your tasks always pays off well.


Large, Rectangular Nails

You have good leadership qualities and are a valuable person. People count on you, as you are a very responsible person. You are persistent, hard working and love great company.


Oval And Long Nails

You have a huge imagination and are highly creative. You are happy to do any work and you never waste time. You have a well-defined routine in life and work on a well-based time table. You like to follow rules and follow any schedule properly.


Sword-Shaped Nails

You are very ambitious and never hesitate to achieve your goals. You can't deal with lazy people and are very relaxed in nature.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 19:45 [IST]
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