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Shocking Kissing Facts That You Never Knew

By Anirudh Narayanan

Remember that first time when you kissed and it felt so weird, awesome and magical at the same time? Kissing can be a sensual experience. It determines if the foreplay will lead to lovemaking or not. There are some kissing facts you never knew. We will help you with that.

Kissing is practiced worldwide, perhaps much more than lovemaking, as kissing doesn't lead to pregnancy. But beware, kissing can lead to STDs, if you have cuts or bruises anywhere in your lips or mouth.

How To Kiss For The First Time

We understand your craving for a kiss right now, but keep that pout for later. Right now, check out some shocking kissing facts that you never knew. Read on.


Kissing has health benefits

Still trying to figure out how to kiss? Well, get the deed done quickly as it has numerous health benefits. It is purportedly good for our teeth and relieves your partner of that migraine he/she complains about. And yes, it also makes you look youthful.


It is pleasurable and also an exercise

Kissing is a pleasurable experience and at the same time burns about 1500 calories/hour. Speaking about the ways of kissing, the French kiss is said to activate 34 muscles on your face and hence, provides good facial exercise.


Addicted to kissing!

One of the shocking kissing facts is that it works pretty much like a drug! The endorphins released during a kiss is much more powerful than the effect of the drug morphine. Kissing could turn into an addiction, but this addiction nobody really gives a shit about and is quite legal.


The science of kissing

Though nobody quite knows the reason as to why we kiss, the science that tries to make sense of kissing is called philematology. Meanwhile, the fear of kissing is called philemaphobia. The fear could be because of sexual assaults or some other reasons.


Lips are sensitive

The lips have tons of nerve endings. That explains the instant arousal you experience whenever you kiss your partner. We bet you didn't know this fact about kissing!


Germs are shared when you kiss

We advise you to brush your teeth before kissing your partner as a kiss contains hundreds of bacterias. Your partner wouldn't really appreciate the germs, even if he/she does love kissing you.


Men Transfer Testosterone

Another kissing fact that especially men need to know is that they transfer testosterone into their partner through a smooch. More specifically, it's the male saliva that contains testosterone. The mucous membranes in the female's mouth absorb the testosterone, thus increasing the chances of them mating and reproducing.


Men and Women's behaviour

Women are unlikely to have sex with a bad kisser. Men kiss their way to lovemaking, whereas women need a kiss after the lovemaking session. This might have to do with the male and female psychology where men feel withdrawn after lovemaking but women need to feel loved after they indulge in a hot session.


The longest kiss

The longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds by a Thai couple named Ekkachai Tiranarat and Laksana Tiranarat. They achieved the feat at an event organised by Ripley's Believe It Or Not, as part of the Valentine's Day celebrations in Thailand in 2013.


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