What Your Car Says About You?

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Love Cars? They are a passion for many. But did you know that your car can say a lot about your personality? You must have known that the colour that you wear is in itself a manifestation of the person you are. And it is not always the budget that makes you choose a car. There are many more things that shape it. Let's see what your favourite car says about your personality.

The Black Huge One- This shows that you have a huge and indomitable spirit. People who like such cars have a classic taste and like all things to be done in an elegant and graceful way. They are also generally of very dominating nature and like things their own way. Thus if this happens to be your favourite car then your personality is similar to the above mentioned character traits.

Favourite Car

Red One- The colour red depicts a vibrant personality. But there are two categories here. People who love closed hooded cars are the ones having a boisterous personality, but at the same time they do not like to show off this trait of their character in front of everyone. If such a red car is your favourite then you are the one who generally shows off their true colour only within their comfort zones.

But if you like a open hooded car then you are an out and out extrovert who can go around with almost all kinds of people.

White Car- This is a car of a cool personality and temperament. People who love white cars have a sober personality. They are also very particular and love to see cleanliness maintained around them. This colour reflects your personality as you are generally very reserved and like honest opinions. It is thus very hard to impress them or make them happy.

Golden and Silver Cars- People who like such cars have a dazzling personality. They are generally very stylish and have a glitz about them. People who love cars as such are most of the times completely in love with the glam quotient. And at the same time they do not like much fussing around them.

Blue Cars- If you are in love with a blue car then you definitely the cool headed one. You also know how to take control of a situation and handle it in a calm and pacified manner. People as such are also very much of the romantic demeanor and charming. If a blue car is your favourite then you are one of the same personality as mentioned above.

Thus we see how your favourite car depicts your personality. Which one is yours favourite?

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