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Valentine's Day: 18 Things Singles Can Do On This Day

The season of love is already here and people are going gaga over it. You may have seen people around you purchasing heart-shaped soft toys, red roses, teddy bears and much more to impress their love interests. This is that time of the year when you will find numerous couples doing sweet things to add more love to their relationship.

But what about singles? People whose relationship status is still single may think that Valentine's Day is not valid for them but it is not so. It is so much you can do and therefore you don't have to feel disheartened. Here is what you can do on V-Day and make yourself happy.

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1. Enjoy Your 'Me-Time'

Self-love is the best thing and it helps you in regaining your energy and confidence level. So this Valentine's Day why not enjoy your 'me-time' and pamper yourself? You can do things to feel happy such as you can sleep, cook or read a book. You can also meditate, go for a spa and/or do yoga if you are willing to boost your energy level and feel fresh.


2. Give Yourself A Treat

Who said that you can go on a date only with a partner? You don't have to look for a partner to go to a good restaurant and have your favourite food. Since it is V-Day, show some love to yourself by giving yourself a nice treat. In case, you are feeling awkward to go to a restaurant on your own, then order your favourite food and enjoy eating at your place.


3. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

If you think Valentine's Day is only meant for the couples, then it's high time when you must change your perception. Love comes in all forms and therefore, you can celebrate it with your family and friends too. Just spend some time with those people who always have your back and have always loved you, no matter what.


4. Bring Heartfelt Gifts For Your Parents

Your parents will always be your first love and therefore, how about making them feel special on Valentine's Day. You can think of bringing a nice present for your parents. You can also take them to a nice restaurant and have a grand lunch/dinner.


5. Visit Your Grandparents

All of us have fond memories of spending our childhood days with our grandparents. This Valentine's Days you can actually walk down the memory lane by paying a visit to your grandparents. In case, you are unable to visit your grandparents, call them and tell them how much you love them. But if they are no more in this world, then you can recall those sweet moments or pay a visit to an old age home. You can also volunteer at the old age home. Trust us, you will have a great time.


6. Pamper Your Pet

No one can be more loyal than our furry friends. So why not pamper them and spoil them with our love? What can be better than spending an entire day with your pet? No doubt, your pet is ever ready to play with you and shower their love on you. Your pet will always love you for the way you are. You can give them a nice bath and take them for a walk. Your pet will surely make your day wonderful.


7. Spend Some Good Time With Mother Nature

Isn't it a great idea to spend some time in the lap of mother nature, with birds chirping around and winds touching your face? You can also opt for forest therapy. You can also think of going to a riverbank and enjoy the calmness and its serenity.


8. Catch Up With Your Friends

If you haven't met your friends in a while and are unable to take out some time to meet them, then pay a visit to them on Valentine's Day. You can either call your friends to your place or take them to a restaurant or some other place.


9. Cook Something Special For Your Family

In case, you want to spend the entire day with your family, then you can also think of cooking something special for them. You don't have to be a cooking master, as even a small gesture can bring a smile on the face of your loved ones. You can also take the help of your mother or siblings to make something mouth-watering.

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10. Go For A Movie

Going for a movie with your family or friends can also be a nice way to celebrate Valentine's Day. However, you can also go on your own and enjoy watching the movie as well, if you are a movie buff.


11. Do Fun Things With Your Siblings

All of us have spent our childhood with our siblings and we know how beautiful that bond is. This Valentine's Day you can think of spending your time with your siblings and reliving those childhood days. You can also go on a trip with your siblings and create new memories.


12. Be Useful, Help The Needy

Since it is the day for spreading and celebrating love, you can be of some use to people who do not have a care in the world. You can visit a shelter home for elderly people or an orphanage and bring a smile to their faces.


13. Reconnect With Your Old Friends

In order to make our careers and pursue our dreams, we tend to move away from our childhood and college friends. If this is the dame case with you, then this Valentine, you can reconnect with your long lost friends. For this, you can add them to your social media account and find out if they are living in the same city as you do. You can also talk to them on a phone call and ask their whereabouts.


14. Forgiving People

This is a day of love and happiness, so don't hold grudges against anyone. If you had an ugly fight with someone dear to you, then this is the right time when you can reconcile with them. Leave behind the sour memories and make new memories with them. Give a call to that person and let him or her know that you value the bond. This way you will be spreading love and making the best out of your Valentine's Day.


15. Binge-Watch Your Favourite Show

None of us will deny that binge-watching is really fun to do. This Valentine's Day you can think of binge-watching your favourite show. In case, you have been looking forward to binge-watch a particular show in your free time, then you can go for it on this Valentine's Day.


16. Shop For Yourself

Shopping is another way of making yourself happy. You can go shopping for books, dresses and shoes and what not. In case, you love munching snacks while you are reading a book or watching a movie, you can buy some mouth-watering snacks for yourself as well. Sometimes even window shopping is fun.


17. Go On A Short Vacation

Break the mundane routine and relax by going on a short vacation. Choose an offbeat and exotic place and enjoy it. Explore places will certainly add to your experience. Be it beaches or mountains, choose what you like.


18. Cook Some Good Recipes For Yourself

Another way of expressing love to yourself is by cooking some delicious food recipes for yourself. You can browse the different recipes and try making the one you like. In case, you are not willing to cook, you can also order your favourite food and enjoy eating it.

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