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20 Signs You Are Falling In Love With Someone

Falling in love is no less than a roller-coaster ride. There is so much thrill that you get a fluttery sensation in your stomach most of the time. Everyone falls in love in their own way and that is what makes every love story a special one. Some people are well-aware of their emotions while others may not be able to realise if they are falling in love with someone. The same can happen to you. You may not realise if you are actually in love. This is because love is never one-size-fits-all. You may name it as infatuation or attraction. But there are some signs that can tell if you are really in love with the person you have been dating.

So, are you in love? Well, it's for you to find out. Scroll down the article to read more:

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1. You Love Spending Time Together

The first and foremost thing that tells you are falling for someone is when you love spending most of your time with him or her. You won't think twice before travelling for hours to meet that special person. In fact, you can happily sacrifice your sleep and time to just have one glance of that person. Moreover, even if you have spent the entire day together, you feel like it was too short and therefore, you long for another meeting with that person. If you may be in love!


2. You Trust Each Other

Trust is the base of any relationship. With time, you learn to trust the person you love and there is no perfect time for it. You feel that you have found the right person for you. Moreover, you find the person to be decent and therefore, you feel safer in his or her company.


3. You Wait For Their Text Messages

When you are interested in someone you won't mind replying back to the person as soon as you receive a text from him or her. Not just that, you wait for their messages and love to share everything with them whenever you get time.

You love to stay in touch with the person throughout the day.


4. You Daydream About Them

You just love to think about them even if you are busy with your work. They are always at the back of your mind. Even if you are doing some important work or if you are attending a meeting, you may find yourself thinking about that person all the time. Thinking about him/her puts a smile on your face.


5. You Care For Each Other

Caring for someone is another way of showing love to that person. If you have already started caring about his or her daily routine, appetite, work, etc. then you are already in love. You may ask him or her to eat on time and will make sure if the person reached his or her place on time or not.


6. You See Your Future Together

You may seem eager to talk about the place, you are willing to visit at the end of the year. Not only this, you tend to plan for the upcoming events and make sure both of you head together. This is because you want to explore things with the person your heart beats for.


7. You Want To Know More About Them

If you are forever curious to know more about him or her, then it can be a sign that you are in love with the person. You show your interest in going through his or her old photographs, the school he or she went to, favourite food, places and much more. You just seem to be endlessly fascinated by the details about him or her.


8. You Smile More Often When You Are Together

Love is a great feeling that brings contentment in your life and therefore, you just can't stop smiling when you are with the love of your life. Since the person is someone whom you love, happiness comes to you whenever you are together. You may find your cheeks turning red when he or she compliments you for something.


9. You Hate When Someone Bad-mouth Them

When you love someone, you accept them as a person and ignore their flaws. You also help them to become the best versions of themselves. But, it affects you when someone speaks negatively about them. Even if you are aware of his or her negative traits, you do not want other people to point out the same.


10. You Like To Dress Up Beautifully To Gain His Or Her Attention

All of us want to look presentable and elegant, especially when our favourite person is around us. If you too feel the need to look fresh, beautiful and the best version of yourself when he or she is around, then you can be in love. Else why will you dress up for someone you do not have feelings for.

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11. You Are No More Interested In Other People

This person will mean the whole world to you and therefore, there can be times, when other people may admire you and try approaching you but since you are in love, you show no interest in those people. You hardly care if someone finds you attractive or if an attractive boy or girl is sitting beside you.


12. You Do Things To Make Him Or Her Happy

If you are in love, you won't wait for your partner to do something special for you. You yourself take the initiative to make them happy and put a smile on their face.

Even when you are not sure of his/ her feelings for you, still you may secretly wish for their contentment and peace of mind. This is because you start feeling compassionate for that person and therefore, you do not hesitate in walking the extra mile to make him or her happy.


13. You Do Not Want To Lose Each Other

When you love someone, you understand the pain of losing that person. For this, you always make sure not to do things that will bring unwanted distance between both of you. You learn to value the person and the integrity of the relationship. You make sure to sort out the problem in an effective manner such that your relationship doesn't hit a dead end.


14. You Love Talking About Each Other

When you are in love with someone, you just can't help yourself from turning any conversation towards your love interest. At times, you may not realise that you are constantly talking about the person. You just love talking about he or she motivates you for achieving your career goals or what are the best qualities in him or her.


15. You Are Eager To Introduce Them To Your Friends

Since friends play a major role in our lives, we are always on our toes to let them know whatever is going on in our lives. The same applies when you are in love with someone. You will be quite eager to let your friends know about your love interest.


16. You Adore His Or Her Flaws

You have no problems accepting his or her flaws. In fact, you feel them more beautiful and perfect for you. Even if others find their behaviour to be annoying, you seem to be absolutely okay with it. In fact, you look forward to helping him or her in improving and doing better.


17. You Often Re-Read The Old Conversation

You love re-reading your old conversations with them. The moment you miss that person or feel bored, you go through your chats. Those conversations can brighten up your day in no time.


18. Nothing About Them Bores You

Even if he or she isn't fun-loving and adventurous, you find that person to be the best one. You never find that person to be boring or feel that you have just wasted your time. In fact, you can happily do nothing but binge-watch and eat pizza on your couch. You may get bored when doing the same thing without that person.


19. You Feel Comfortable With That Person

When you have a good rapport with someone, you do not mind sharing your thoughts and opinions. Their very presence in your life can make you feel comfortable. He or she won't judge you even if you make mistakes. The best part is you don't have to pretend or fake your emotions when you are with them.


20. You Are Ready To Change For Their Sake

If you are willing to change yourself for better for his or her sake then certainly you are in love. Be it changing a habit or working harder than before, you will do everything for them.

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There are no fixed rules for falling in love and you will always know it in your heart when you are with the right person. It is essential to not lose yourself in loving someone else. That way the whole experience of loving someone will become more beautiful for you.