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Man Claims To Be The Only Person In The World Who Can Lick His Forehead

There are so many unusual talents that leave us stunned. From licking your own elbow to even not blinking your eyes for the longest time, people around us are pretty talented.

Here, in this article, we are revealing to you details of a man who can lick his own forehead.

The man is believed to break the Guinness World record by having the longest tongue.

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Check out more details on this unusual talent of Yagya Bahadur Katuwal.


He Is 35 Years Old

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal is a 35-year old man who can touch his own forehead with his tongue. This school bus driver is from Nepal and claims that he has got the longest tongue in the world.


He Can Make A Rubber Face In Seconds

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal is able to perform the rubber face trick, all thanks to his only single tooth presence. With no teeth, he is able to do the trick in seconds. He also claims that he takes a long time cleaning off his tongue as it is longer than the usual average size.

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Kids Are Scared Of His Antics

Since he is a bus driver, he is not allowed to show his antics to the kids as this can scare them away. He revealed that his 'scary' trick has made children wet their pants and even adults faint as well.


His Friend Posted His Video On Facebook

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal became a local celebrity when his friend posted a video of him licking his forehead on social media. Apparently, Yagya was aware of his unique talent since he was a little kid and he is never conscious while making such a face.


He Believes He Looks Great!

Yagya Bahadur Katuwal is a confident individual at heart as he does not let other people's opinion faze him. He believes that he looks great and loves entertaining people around.

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