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She Lost 50 kg, Yet She Was Depressed!

There are so many success stories of weight loss that can make us wonder how people can actually lose weight with their hard work and dedication.

Here is one such case of Elna Baker who lost 50 kg over some time by following a diet and exercise routine and even taking up a drug that was prescribed by her dietician.

Her story is a reality check of people who have lost weight and are often left behind with saggy skin!

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Check it out...


She Has Always Been A Healthy Child

Since childhood, Elna has been a chubby child. She decided to put a stop to being unhealthy and hence decided to get into shape, so she joined a weight loss program.


She Lost 50 kg!

In just five and a half months she lost 50 kg by eating a healthy diet, exercising and also taking phentermine - a drug that her doctor had prescribed her.


She Weighed 265 Pounds Before She Started

She weighed 265 pounds before she decided to lose weight and the weight loss left her with a massive bulk of saggy skin. Even though she lost weight, she was quite depressed as she wanted to feel good with her own body.


She Underwent Surgeries

As her saggy skin depressed her, she tried all the possible things to get rid of the saggy skin. Unfortunately, nothing worked in her favour. Hence, she decided to go under the knife to get rid of the excess saggy skin. She underwent four plastic surgeries to remove it.


She Reveals How She Is Coping Up

Elna had been quite confused with her emotions of being happy about losing 110 pounds in a short span, but the saggy skin made her depressed. Even though she has undergone so many surgeries to tighten her skin, she still feels under-confident.

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But we think she still looks beautiful and elegant. What do you guys think of this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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