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She Suffers From A Condition That Makes Her Vomit Up To 100 Times A Day!

What happens when everything in your regular life goes upside down as the doctors reveal to you that you have developed a rare condition which can bring your life to a standstill?

This is what happened in this case of Rebecca Griffiths where doctors revealed to her that she suffers from cyclical vomiting syndrome that has left her vomiting for more than 100 times each day!

Check out her story as she suffers from a rare condition of cyclical vomiting syndrome.


She Suffered From The Condition For The Past 5 Years

Rebecca Griffiths is now a 31-year-old, and she started vomiting uncontrollably over five years back. Until then she was a healthy kid who loved playing sports and enjoyed games like how any other young woman would. Doctors revealed to her that she suffers from a rare condition of cyclical vomiting syndrome.

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About Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclical vomiting syndrome is a rare condition that causes patients to suffer from repeated vomiting and nausea episodes. This condition is said to affect one in every 25,000 people. Medics reveal that this condition mainly affects children with symptoms that are often resolved during adulthood.


Her Life Came To A Halt

This condition makes her completely weak. Rebecca's life had become tough as she had been just lying on the sofa and had a bowl with her all the time. Recently, she went through a 'make or break' surgery to ease the disorder.

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She Is In A Better State Now

Rebecca underwent a surgery in Germany where the surgeon performed a 'make or break' operation on her. Since then her vomiting episodes have reduced dramatically, and now she is looking forward to a brighter future.


Though She Still Needs Treatment, She Is Recovering

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All thanks to the surgery that she underwent, she has been recovering, and she still needs to undergo more treatment to get back to her regular life and hence needs to travel to Germany for her treatment.

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We wish she recovers soon and leads a regular life. Best wishes from Boldsky and for more updates check our section Insync.

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