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Docs Told Parents To Abort The Child, And Now The Baby Looks Like This

Pregnancy is not an easy task as a little carelessness with medicine or physical activity can affect the unborn foetus, and it can become a risky affair.

Giving birth to a healthy baby is what everyone wishes for, but if there are complications during pregnancy, it can lead to abortion which is the worst nightmare a couple can expect to happen.

Here is a case of a couple who got the shock of their lives when the doctor told them that their unborn foetus was deformed and asked them to abort it.

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Check out what happened when the parents decided to stick on with the pregnancy and not abort the child.


The Child Had Bilateral Cleft Lip And Palate

The doctors informed the couple that their 24-month-old foetus had a bilateral cleft lip and palate. The medics believed that the baby was most likely to suffer from other health problems caused by this deformity.


The Medics Asked The Couple If They Wanted To Keep The Baby

The medics asked the couple if they wanted to proceed with the pregnancy and they decided to keep the baby after they saw the ultrasound scan as they felt their unborn son looked beautiful and planned to share as many pictures of him as possible.

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He Was Born

When Broody was born, Sara Heller, the mother, shared the pictures of her newborn son with the world on social media to make the world aware of the condition. She wanted people not to abort the babies and instead give them a chance to fight their own battles.


Sara Believes Good People Do Exist In This World

When Sara shared Broody's pictures on her social accounts, she was overwhelmed by the response that she got from her friends and family.


Her Motive Became Stronger

Another incident that motivated her to make people aware of this deformity is when she had been out for dinner with her girlfriends and got a note from a stranger who had a $1000 check for her son. The check had a text that read "For the beautiful baby."


He Still Needs More Surgeries

The mother revealed that she used the cash for the health expenses of Broody and also claimed that though he has had 3 surgeries and would need 8-9 more to be all hale and hearty, looks like little Broody needs more strength, energy and prayers to succeed in all this.

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We wish the little boy good luck. What do you think of this inspirational story? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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