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Woman Died Within A Few Hours Of Giving Birth, But She Saved 50 Lives!

Individuals who get a second chance to live realise the actual value of life and this case of a great woman explains it all!

A woman who had got a heart transplant herself became a saviour of over 50 people after she passed away after giving birth to her child.

Check out the details of this heartbreaking inspirational story of Megan Moss Johnson who saved 50 lives after her death.


She Had A Difficult Life Start

Megan Moss Johnson had a difficult life start. When she was just 15 years old, she was diagnosed with myocarditis condition which is an inflammation of the heart muscle. She found a donor who saved her life.

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Since Then She Decided To Become A Donor Herself

When she got the second chance of life, Megan took no time to become a donor herself. She decided to donate her own organs that can be used to save many lives.


She Had A Beautiful Life

Megan Moss had a beautiful life. She was married to a musician husband named Nathan Johnson, and her life was perfect. She even had a healthy pregnancy.


Things Changed After She Gave Birth

The day Megan delivered her first baby Eilee Kate, the couple was happy. But, unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived. Just eight hours after she gave birth to a baby girl, Megan died. The cause of her death has not been clear, but reports claimed she became unconscious and never woke up again.


Her Organs Were Donated

Since Megan was a registered donor, her eyes were donated to help two blind people, and the rest of her organs were going to help save over 50 lives! Though her life was short-lived, Megan did teach the world on how to give back to the world before we die!

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