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Weird Wikipedia Pages That You Should Know About!

While you are browsing for information about a thing, the first thing that you would do is to check the Wikipedia page to get the right facts.

Wikipedia is a popular search as it is known to throw light on some of the most interesting facts that most of us are not aware of.

But do you know that there are so many weird Wikipedia pages that will make you question even their existence?

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While some of the pages are bizarre, there are those pages which can give you nightmares.

Check out the details of these pages.


List Of Animals With Fraudulent Diplomas

Do not be shocked as we share one of the oddest pages on Wikipedia! "List Of Animals With Fraudulent Diplomas" is a Wikipedia page that gives you details about the many animals who have fraudulent diplomas for real! The list includes both cats and dogs who have beaten the system and become educated.

If you do not believe us check this link!

Wikipedia Page


Black-eyed Children

Tales of black-eyed children have been existing since the 1950s. These black-eyed children are believed to be creatures that resemble kids whose age ranges between 6 and 16. They are often seen hitch-hiking or showing up on residential doorsteps. Though this is just fiction, people have indeed created a Wiki page to dedicate it to them!

Check the page link here...

Wikipedia Page

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The Unnamed Suicide

Though this page is officially named Lyle Stevik, it is a case of an unnamed suicide that took place in the year 2001. The unnamed man had committed suicide and used a pseudo name to hide his real identity when he chose to name himself in the register of the hotel. The man's body was discovered two days after he checked in. There was no clue to find his identification and hence was buried after his DNA was taken. Seventeen years later, the DNA matched with his family who had a fall out with him, and they believed he was alive.

Check the page link to know more in depth of his death.

Wikipedia Page


Prostitution Among Animals

Do not be shocked as this page does exist! The concept of prostitution among animals is also known as transactional sex. For example, the penguins trade sex for rocks and chimpanzees trade food for sex.

Check out the link to learn about this bizarre research on prostitution among animals.

Wikipedia Page

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Death By GPS

This page is all about people who have followed their GPS, and it has led them right into a death trap. Some of these bizarre cases involve guiding the driver to drive off a cliff, or even driving right into a lake!

Check out the unusual, weird link.

Wikipedia Page

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