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A Bulgarian Virgin Market Where Brides Are Sold

Growing up and getting married to the love of your life is not something that the Bulgarian girls can think of, as the moment they reach their puberty, they are sold out in the market for a ransom amount.

This is a practice that people of this town have been following since years. Girls who reach their puberty are auctioned in open, while the bidders do their job!

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This is an 18,000-strong community that is widely discriminated against across the whole of Eastern Europe and renowned for fiercely guarding their cultural traditions.

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What Actually Happens Here?

Young women in this community are forced to leave their school as soon as they have their first menstrual period. They lose out on their day-to-day life and their lives revolve around their daily chores.

It Happens 4 Times Every Year…

The culture of brides being sold in open market is renowned for a "bridal market" that is held up to four times in a year where young girls flock to muddy fields and parking lots around the country in red carpet gowns and other fancy dresses to meet prospective husbands.

Pretty Girls Are In Demand…

Young pretty girls are on a high demand, especially the light-skinned beauties who have blue eyes. These are highly prized. To increase the value of the girls, the girls are all decked up with high makeup to enhance their beauty and increase their market value.

The Kids Do Not Have A Choice!

It is believed that the kids of this community do not stand a chance to select a partner for themselves. Even if they dare to share the details of their love interest to their parents, the partners are rejected for one simple reason that they are not happy about the relationship.

The Society Is Against The Idea Of This Practice!

People are against the idea of this bizarre practice that happens 4 times a year. It is believed that there is nothing that can justify the disturbing idea which states women are property that you can sell, bid on and buy, This is how the lives of these girls have been shaped from day one. The young girls are brought up not to discover who they are and what ambitions they could have, instead they are trained to obey and serve their future husbands!

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    Story first published: Monday, July 17, 2017, 21:10 [IST]
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