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Woman Gave Birth To A Child Whose Father Died 3 Years Back

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Life can be really unpredictable at times. Imagine a happily married couple losing the cause of their happiness, wherein one of them dies!

This is the case that happened where a cop was shot dead while he was on duty. It had been only 3 months he'd married his love. He lost his life and left his 3-month into marriage widow behind.

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However, the good news is, she was able to conceive his child from the sperms that were saved that the doctors retrieved to help make her pregnant.

Check out this inspiring case of the woman who gave birth to a healthy baby girl, 3 years after her husband's death.


The Cop Was Shot While On Duty…

The cop was shot while he was on duty and when he breathed his last, the doctors asked his wife named Pei 'Sanny' Xei Chen if she would like to preserve his semen to allow her to have his child in the future.


Love Story Cut Short!

Just like any other couple, these guys had planned for a beautiful family when their dreams were cut short and the cop was shot dead within just 3 months of their wedding.


She Said A Yes…

The woman surely wanted to fulfill her dead husband's wish and asked the doctors to save it. She got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy baby girl 3 years later. Isn't it a miracle?


Her Mother-In-Law's Reaction

Her mother-in-law's happiness knew no boundaries when she held the baby for the first time. She claimed, "She looks like my daughter-in-law. But this part, the eyes, and the forehead, looks like my son. The top of the face looks like my son. The bottom looks like her mother. The head looks exactly like my son. I see my son in her."

Wow! Such stories show us the true meaning love, which also makes us realize the worth and how well we need to preserve it.

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Story first published: Monday, July 31, 2017, 21:03 [IST]
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