This Girl Sheds Her Skin Every 6 Weeks!

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When a girl gets a small pimple or a bruise, the whole world goes upside down for her as that is something that could spoil her beauty. But what if a girl is born with a rare skin disease where her skin peels off every 6 weeks? Scary, right?

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Well, this is what this young Indian girl is facing and undergoing every single day. She suffers from a rare skin disorder where her skin keeps peeling off on its own and new skin is formed.

Meet Shalini Yadav who is 16 years old from India and learn about her sad story...


She Suffers From This Condition...

Shalini Yadav who is just 16 years old suffers from this rare condition that causes her skin to flake off every six weeks!


Her Condition Is Called Erthroderma

This rare condition is called Erthroderma. She covers herself in a special moisturiser, to avoid pain, but unfortunately her family cannot afford to buy the moisturiser on a regular basis.


She Has been Suffering Since Childhood

Shalini has been suffering from this rare skin condition since she was a little girl and her skin keeps peeling off every 45 days!

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There Is No Such Treatment That Has Worked!

Her parents claim that they have shown her condition to various doctors but the end result is the same as all the treatments are failing.


It Is Taking Her Life Bit By Bit...

Even though her condition is not killing this young girl, it is taking her life bit by bit as she is in constantly in pain as her skin cracks up and bleeds. Her mother feels "helpless" while watching her daughter suffer from the condition.


'What Was My Fault'? She Asked The World...

She was thrown out of her school as kids were scared to see her, none wished to be friends with her and when asked how she felt, she just asked what her fault was... This is a question that would haunt many!

We wish her luck and hope that she gets treated for this rare condition. If you have any queries regarding the content, then do share them with us in the comment section below.

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