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This Nun Became A Fetish Queen After Indian Massage

This is a true story of a nun named "Damcho Dyson" who became a Latex Fetishist after she had an ayurvedic massage in India.

Check out this bizarre story of Damcho Dyson who lived a simple life of chastity by being a nun. She was once an attendant to the Dalai Lama.

Before a single massage changed her life, she has started studying the 'Tibetan Buddhism' after having an abortion.

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She decided to give up the monastery and move to London after she discovered her fetish.

Check out more on her...


She Is From Melbourne, Australia…

As a nun for 10 long years, she meditated, cultivated compassion, wore the monastic robes and remained celibate. She felt burnt out over a period of time, and travelled to India to try to find answers.


A Single Massage Changed Her Life…

She says a massage while on a trip to India reawakened her sexuality and turned her into Britain's NAUGHTIEST nun!

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About Her Buddhist Experience…

She revealed, "It was incredibly enriching and inspiring for me. But now I want to continue my contemplative adventure using a different medium."


Her Change Was Gradual…

Over a period of time, she underwent a colossal change in lifestyle, diving headlong into the world of latex and fetish clubs by 2011.


She Revealed…

She revealed to a leading post as, "I had a graceful sense of my body and my mind reconnecting. I recognized that my body was not separate from my mind. Rather, it was a very vital part of how the mind is embodied. It was natural for me to then ask of myself 'why are you a nun?'"


She Further Added

'Lying there having that massage I had an epiphany. I suddenly had a sense of the vitality within my body and decided the time was right to leave the monastery.


Her Take On Latex Dress…

She revealed, "Once the latex is on, the body has a second skin, it is like a cocoon. It is so close to your skin that you feel naked, yet it also is like a protective armour."


Some More About The Dress…

"Being touched while in latex, sense awareness is heightened. And once the latex is removed, there is a deeply felt release - a sense of being unbound."


She Is Currently Pursuing Her PhD…

She is currently raising money to fund her PhD.

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