Can You Believe This Woman With Sagging Skin Is Just 26 Years?

The fashion industry is known for its glamour and perfect figures. Amidst these, there are those who are breaking the stereotypes and making a mark for themselves in the glamour industry.

Sara Geurts is one such model who is making it big in the fashion industry, despite her rare skin condition.

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She suffers from Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a genetic condition that affects 'every system in the body', since years, and this condition of hers has never let her dampen her spirits anytime!

Read on to know more about her.


It Is A Rare Condition…

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a rare condition that affects only 1 in 5000 people worldwide. However, there are only a dozen people who have been diagnosed with Sara's type of condition, which is known as Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Dalos syndrome.

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She Was 10 When She Was Diagnosed With This Condition…

Sara was just 10 years old when she was diagnosed with the Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). It is a genetic condition that causes severe joint pain and brittle bones, and slows down collagen production to the point that the skin of the person becomes loose and extremely fragile. It makes the skin look sagged or wrinkled in appearance.

The Condition Makes Her Skin Look Old

The syndrome causes Sara to have soft, doughy skin that is extremely fragile and her joints and muscles are also weak and often leave her in discomfort. She started to notice her symptoms when she was about seven and since then, her look has changed drastically.

Despite Her Condition, She's Breaking Stereotypes...

Despite her condition, she takes pride in her unique look and has embraced her body as she heads towards a career in modeling. There is no doubt that she looks absolutely stunning in all of her pictures and Sara has made it big all over the internet.

She Had Her Family's Support…

When she started suffering from this condition, she revealed, "I wasn't bullied and my family and friends were very supportive, but I hated my skin. I was lucky I didn't get any nasty remarks, but while my friends wore revealing outfits, I'd hide away in baggy clothes."

She Knew She Had To Accept Her Condition & Bring In A Change…

Despite the skin condition, Sara had gathered the courage to submit a photo of herself to "Love Your Lines", which is a Tumblr page that encourages women to embrace their stretch marks, scars and other imperfections. Since then there has been no looking back for her, as she realised people are accepting and loving her despite her condition.

Her Reason To Choose Modelling…

Sara decided to become a model as she revealed, "We are in the generation of albinism models. We have melanin models. We have vitiligo models. We have plus size models. And those are all fabulous things. But the one thing that we are really missing are people with disorders within our everyday commercials."

We salute her spirit!

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    Story first published: Saturday, July 15, 2017, 11:59 [IST]
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