Toxic People In Your Life Have These Things In Common

Having toxic people around can be quite exhausting, and spending time with them drains your energy. They will always leave you frustrated for sure.

So, we bring you the list of traits that most of the toxic people have in common and with the help of this list, you can totally avoid such toxic people in your lives.

Do You Wake Up at the Same Time Every Night?

One of the most common characteristics of a toxic person is that every interaction with them is negatively charged, which can limit your positive thinking and hence it is better to let go of them.

So, check out for these characteristics of toxic people before jumping into any conclusion.


They Are Manipulative

Toxic people have a strategy to make people do everything that they want for them, as it's always all about them. For these guys, other people are just a means of achieving whatever goal they have set. They would not mind stepping on others and moving forward, as it comes naturally to them.

Being Judgmental About Everything!

To know if the person is really toxic, you need to pay attention to the criticism as the criticism is all about what defines a toxic person! Be it the actions or things that other people haven't done, it's never about them.

They Don’t Take Responsibility

They conveniently do not take any responsibility of their feelings. If a person points out about their feelings, they are always seen passionately defending their perspective, and not taking any responsibility for anything that they have done.

Apologising Is Not Their Cup Of Tea

There's no reason for them to be apologetic because they think they are never at fault. They are known to even manipulate their relationships to serve their own interests. Apart from this, they also are seen trying to get attention and sympathy by playing the victim.

Being Inconsistent

It is very hard to understand who you are with, as they are often seen as a different person each time. They change their attitude, perspective and even behaviour, depending on their goal. They can even fake kindness if it gets them what they want.

They Make You Prove Yourself To Them

Toxic people will make you choose them over someone else. This often ends you in a soup, where you find yourself to be in a "divide and conquer" strategy, where the only choice is them. This happens to a point where you have to disregard other relationships to satisfy them.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 11:28 [IST]
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