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Exposing Breasts In Public Can Get Women In Trouble Here

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There are so many things that can get one into trouble and if you are not aware of the laws around the world, you can land up in deep trouble!

One of the weirdest laws around the world is the law for women to NOT EXPOSE their breasts in public! You can be fined or imprisoned for displaying your assets in public, in these countries.

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exposing breasts

Different countries have different laws for women who expose their assets in these countries out in the open. You can actually be prosecuted if you display your breasts in these countries.

So, continue reading to know which are the countries where you can even be jailed for exposing your breasts!



Mexico is a city which is well known for its beautiful and independent women. It has given us some of the most beautiful women like Salma Hayek; but it does not mean that the place is cool with obscenity here!



Ireland is one of the fast-developing countries. But one could land in serious trouble if they display their breasts in public here. According to the law, a woman can even be fined €634.87 for exposing her breasts and to add on, she can also face six months in prison!



Turkish women are said to be fined if they show their breasts in public. That's not the only law in this country, the Deputy Prime Minister of the country had also proposed that there should be a law banning Turkish women from laughing in public!

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Though this is one of the coolest countries, here the law is very strict for obscenity. One can face six months to one year behind bars for any kind of obscenity, as it is not tolerated.



This country's law has left many furious, as it is alright for the country's leader to pose topless for homoerotic holiday snaps, but when any other woman of the country does the same, then she is said to be liable for €50 fine!

So, what do you think of these laws? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Monday, October 9, 2017, 11:31 [IST]
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