Truth Behind Expiry Dates – Revealed!

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We all buy products that have the latest date of production. But, have you ever wondered whether expiry dates on groceries really work? Let's find out! 

Here we bring you some the facts that most of us choose to ignore about the expiry dates. All that a common man thinks is that the food gets spoilt after the expiry date, but that is not the fact.

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There are a few reasons why the expiry dates are set and we are here to just reveal the real things to know about the expiry dates.

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Check out the facts about the expiry dates on grocery items, which are as listed below.


1. The Idea Of Expiry Date Started When...

This idea sprouted from the concern of the freshness of the food and not necessarily with its safety.


2. "Sell by" Date

This label is totally for the purpose of the store, as to until when they could sell the product. One needs to buy the product before this date. This is a basic guideline for the retailer.


3. “Best If Used By” Date

This date is recommended for the best flavour or quality of the product and strictly not the expiry date. This is something that most of us get fooled with!


4. The "Guaranteed Fresh" Date

This is in case of bakery products. Though the items and products are edible even after this date, the freshness and taste would not be the same when compared to consuming the product before this date.


5. The “Expiration” Date

This is the "ONLY" packaging date that is related to food safety. If this date has passed, throw the food out.


6. Conclusion

No matter how good the food is, we do not wish to consume the products that have crossed the expiry date. Hence, we must make sure to consume the food before the marked Expiry date. And we need to follow this for better health.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2016, 12:44 [IST]
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