Things That Can Happen If Prostitution Becomes Legal

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With the crime rate going up and innocent lives being pushed into prostitution, is there a way out? Have you ever wondered what can happen if prostitution becomes legalised? Would it reduce the crime rate?

There are so many questions that pop up in our mind and it makes us wonder, what if we change the rule book and make prostitution a legalised process, then are there any chances that there would be a fall in the crime rate and other illegal things that happen?

In this article, we are not here to either support this cause or even bring up a way to make this sound like a proper profession to have in the society, and also, we aren't here for any slut shaming.

This piece of writing is just to enlighten people on what are the changes that can really happen if prostitution does get legalised in the country.

Find out about the positive things that can happen if this profession gets legalised. Check it out...


It Would Make Sex Workers Healthier...

The transmission of HIV among sex workers could significantly be reduced by around 33-46 per cent if prostitution becomes legalised. Though it does sound contradictory to other people's opinion, certain studies on this do look sensible.


It Could Reduce Sex-related Crime Rate...

There have been a lot of researches which prove that legal prostitution reduces rape, sex violence and other such sex-related crimes! This is because one does not have to do stuff forcefully, instead there would be proper legalised places where people can quench their thirst!


It Could Protect Minors...

Young children would not be forcefully pushed in this trade. If prostitution becomes legal, then there are a few rules that would be followed and pushing young kids in this business would reduce upto an extent.


It Could Give Sex Workers Employment Rights...

If prostitution would get legalised, then the sex workers would be given the employment rights such as safety rights, minimum wages, health benefits, vacation pay and protection against unlawful discrimination. They can lead a normal life too!


It Can Be A Source Of Tax Revenue...

If brothels are to be legalised, then the government could gain a significant amount of revenue. What better way to start collecting tax from these guys as well!

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2016, 12:44 [IST]
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