Meet The Real-life 'Wolfman'

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There are many bizarre things that people do to fulfill their dreams and passions and an ex-soldier named Shaun Ellis and his story of becoming the real-life wolfman is a no exception!

Meet The Real-life 'Wolfman'

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Here, in this article, we are about to share the story of this real wolfman who lived with wolves in a muddy wildlife park without taking a shower for 3 long years!

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Check out this unusual story of this real-life wolfman and his wife who now has her own pack of wolves!


Who Is He?

He is a 47-year-old ex-soldier named Shaun Ellis. His passion about being around wolves made him take this unique step where he did not take a shower for 3 long years!

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It Is Believed That…

The 47-year-old 'Wolfman' who is believed to have the strongest bond with wild animals than any human taught his girlfriend Isla, 30 years, how to live as one of them.


Where Does He Live?

He lives in a teepee on the fringes of an area of land in Native America. This is where the wolves are housed and this place has become a part-time home during the spells of studying about them.


What Did He Do?

He has spent about 3 years and has hunted, ate like the wolves, howled like them and has slept with four male wolves in a pack! He has even restricted on his diet to meat and has not showered during this phase, as he wanted his body odour to match theirs!


The Couple Does This

Currently, the couple split their time between quaint village life and their family of 7 North American Timber wolves! They are happy and content with living the life of a wolf!

Check out the interesting video below to see their unusual story!

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