Man Proposed With 999 Condom Boxes!

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There are many crazy things that people do while proposing to the love of their life. They can do some of the most unusual things to make the proposal a memorable one.

Though some of the unusual efforts of proposals go wrong, there are those which actually work as well!

Here, in this article, we are about to share the case of a man from China who proposed to his girlfriend by making a heart with 999 condom boxes and he even had made a special tong bouquet. YES!! And guess what, the girl said a yes too!

Read this amazing unusual proposal story. It can definitely make you want to be proposed in a unique way as well.

Funny Fact: While the couple drove away, people rushed in to pick up the condom packs that were kept on the heart, which was made with those condoms!


Where It Happened?

It was in Guangzhou, China, that a man arranged 999 condoms boxes on the floor and arranged them in the shape of a heart.


Odd Type Bouquet Added

Apart from the 999 condom boxes, the man also proposed to his lady with a very unique and weird bouquet that was made using only thongs.


The Girl's Reaction...

Generally, girls would be embarrassed to see such a weird way of being proposed, but this girl did not shy away and instead happily agreed to him.


Happily Ever After...

Once the girl kissed and accepted his proposal, they drove away leaving the condom packs on the road, which the audience rushed to pick up!

Any how, we're still wondering how could she even agree to such a bizarre proposal. Well, it's a crazy world after all!!

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