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All About The Coffee That Gives You Erection!

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What better treat can coffee lovers get than getting an erection after drinking just coffee, right? Well, there are claims by companies that suggest a new type of coffee that can actually wake up the beast inside of a man who drinks it!

We here at Boldsky are about to disclose the actual facts of the coffee that claims to give an erection.

Though this sounds a little bizarre, as to how a cup of coffee can create this magic (and can perfectly enhance the relationships), we're here to disclose the actual dark secret about this sudden trending product!

Check it out...


What Does This Magical Coffee Consist Of?

The coffee is made up of "all natural" herbs that include ingredients like Tongkat Ali, Maca Root and Guarana.


Really, The Product Promises Erection For 3 Long Days?

Whao! This could be a dream of a woman to see her man being active for 3 long days at a stretch! But, is it really worth risking your health for the pleasure sake, is what most of them are worried about as well.


What Does The Coffee Claim?

The coffee manufacturers of this latest trending coffee claim that this magical cuppa helps to "improve the energy levels" and "it also reduces fatigue".


What Do The Researchers Claim?

The health experts have claimed that it could be "dangerous", as such prolonged erections can lead to necrosis and cell death, which can damage the manhood.


Finally, What Is The Food and Drug Administration's Verdict?

The FDA claims that these self-proclaimed coffee makers include "desmethyl carbodenafil" (it's a viagra substitute) in the coffee mix and they do not disclose it on the packaging, hence making it a risky product to be consumed.

So, one needs to think and do a bit of research before using such products!

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Story first published: Monday, October 10, 2016, 13:17 [IST]
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