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Interesting Science Facts That Are Misleading

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There are many myths that surround the world of science. We often get misguided and believe on what is told, instead of getting to the fact. Some interesting science facts can be misleading and may make us believe in them completely.

Here, in this article, we'll be sharing some of the interesting scientific facts that are misleading. These are the facts and myths that most of us have commonly believed in and expected them to be the actual truth.

Science in itself is a very tricky subject and it comes with several facts and myths that are still surrounded by a lot of arguments and debates from the experts.

So, find out more about these most interesting scientific facts which can make you realise that everything is not exactly a fact to be believed in and shared.

Read on to know more about these interesting facts.


Bats Are Blind

Who ever came up with this hoax fact about bats being blind needs a beating. They use echolocation and can also see.


A Penny That Falls From The Empire State Building Will Kill You

Okay, the person who said this must be really lame. The speed of the coin can reach up to 50 mph, which is just not enough to kill you, any day.


Pure Water Conducts Electricity

This is a contrary fact that pure water is a poor conductor of electricity. You would be shocked to know that the water which is contaminated with dirt, minerals and other substances conducts electricity in a better way.


Cracking Of Knuckles Gives You Arthritis

This is one of the most common myths that we all have often believed in. But, the fact is, breaking of knuckles does not give you arthritis, instead the noise of its cracking may only irritate the people around you.


Stress Leads To Chronic High Blood Pressure

Stress is not the only reason that can cause high blood pressure. There are other reasons like poor diet and smoking that can lead to this condition.


Lighting Never Strikes The Same Place Or Person

This is a misguided fact. A man named Roy Cleveland Sullivan was hit by lightening 7 different times and he survived all of them. Apart from this, the Empire State Building gets striked by a lightning at least 100 times every single year.


You Are Born With All Your Brain Cells

It is not true. As you grow up, even your brain cells start to multiply and there are a few brain cells that develop during adulthood.


Humans Contracted HIV After Having Sex With Monkeys

This is a total false misguided scientific statement. Humans actually contracted HIV by hunting monkeys for food, which led to the blood-to-blood contact that left mankind prone to this deadly disease.

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Story first published: Friday, May 6, 2016, 11:58 [IST]
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