Confessions Made By Men Who Were Raped

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The word "Rape" gives a picture of a helpless woman who have been a victim of her rapist. But why only women seem to be the victims of rape and not men?

Confessions By Men Who Were Raped

Here, in this article, we are about to share some heartbreaking confessions of men who have actually been raped. These are the guys who have mustered up the courage to reveal to the world about their ordeal.

Check out some of these harsh confessions that men have revealed, as to how women have raped them.

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It breaks your heart when you find out about these cases and it sure boils the blood when we get to thinking about it on how can women also do such a crime!

Read these heartbreaking confessions below...

"I Must Have Said No A Thousand Times"!!
This happened to me when I was 21 years old and my rapist was none other than my girlfriend! This was the worst day when she decided to tie me up and go down and dirty. It was all great, until she bit my manhood and rode on me and made me have an unwanted orgasm!
--- Unnamed victim.


"Shook My Head And Kept Screaming..."
I was just 16 when a physically big girl pounced on me at a party when I was all drunk. She took advantage of my state and unzipped my pants and got onto her job. All I remember was shaking my head with a no and screaming. The worst was when my friends laughed at my condition.
--- Never disclosing my identity.

"My Ex-Wife Kept Raping Me"
Though this sounds weird, but my ex-wife was a sex manic. There was no time for love making and every time I denied, I was kicked right on my little manhood. I am glad, it's all over now.
--- Happy man now!

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"She Left My Little Man Bleeding And Laughed About It"
This happened to me when I was just 10 years. It was a game that my cousin played on me. She was examining my body and suddenly grabbed my little man. It was funny initially and I still remember laughing innocently, then and in no time I realised she started performing oral on me. I cried and tried to get away, and in this process, she bit my little man and it bled. Her grin at that moment still haunts me.
---Unnamed victim.

"Don't Complain Or Else You Would Die"
Every summer my cousin sister came home for vacations, she would touch me inappropriately. She would bite me on my chest and when I screamed in pain, she would quickly kiss my ear and squeeze me down there. I tried confessing this to my sister, but this stupid girl kept threatening me... the fear is still there, hence confronting without revealing my identity.
---Always unnamed.

"I Was Asked To Lick Down There While She Held A Family Gun On My Head"
I was just 7, and we had a babysitter who was just 13 years. She would often hold a gun at me and my baby brother and ask us to perform sexual acts on her. When we denied, she would pinch our little man. She scarred our childhood.
---Unnamed man.

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