7 Important Things Children Teach You

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Gone are the days when teachers used to scold us for laughing. Now, we are taking special laughing classes to just learn to laugh. How ironical and sad that we have forgotten to be happy in this busy life? People have become robots, without any feelings and sentiments. Can we be a better parent with this attitude? The simple answer is no. Children want to live a life full of colours and feelings, like the life our parents gave us.

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However, we always put our children under constant pressure of competition and forget to make them learn the real meaning of life. This is the reason why there are many children who know table manners but don't know how to play with butterflies, sand, flowers and water.

Many psychiatrists are concerned with the growing depression rate in children? But who is to be blamed- parents, society or the education system? Despite all this pressure and tension, children know how to enjoy life to the fullest.

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We as adults must learn some important things from children. Today is children's day and this is a good occasion to love and understand the children.


No Grudges

Children hold no grudges unlike adults. Even if they are been scolded and beaten, they smile with an open heart after sometime. On the contrary, adults can go to any extent to show their resentment, anger and may also insult others.


Forgive And Forget!

Children live by this rule, which we adults have forgotten. After having a fight with other kids, they immediately start to play with each other and forget everything. That is a very sweet gesture which we adults don't have. We hold the anger towards others for years together.


No Ego Or Pride

Another thing that we can learn from children is that they don't have ego. It seems that as we grow, the ego also grows inside us. Ego and pride are the things that destroy us slowly and eventually we become empty from inside. We must learn to give up the ego and enjoy life to the fullest. However, maintain your self respect and at the same time, don't confuse it with the ego.


No Revenge

Revenge is also a learned thing that is developed with growing age. Children never get the feeling of revenge unless they learn it from the adults. Children can forgive a person after a simple sorry. However for us, sorry has become just a word without any feeling.


Enjoy Little Things In Life

We must learn from children how to enjoy little things in life. Children become happy after receiving just a simple toy, an ice cream, a video game, a new shoes, a new school bag etc. Even we used to be the same in our childhood but now we have forgotten the importance of little things in our life. We don't show gratitude for our blessings and keep on cribbing. This is the main reason of our unhappiness.


No Gossip, Back Bitting And Hypocrisy

Have you seen any children being politically right, manipulating things or back biting? The answer will be no. Children don't even know the meaning of all these things. They are pure souls with pure hearts. They still enjoy life without gossiping and back stabbing. In fact, they are happy because they don't indulge in such unhealthy habits. Can't we as adults act mature like children?


Enjoy Their Friends Success

Children become happy when a friend is happy. But, adults do the opposite. We enjoy the defeat of others and laugh on their failures. Can't we change these things to make life more beautiful?

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