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10 Natural Ways To Be Happy

By Iram

Being happy is somewhat a difficult job in today's stressful life. However, as you might be aware of how stress can ruin your life. Stress is the reason for all most all body ailments.

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It is also true that money can't buy many things and happiness is also among them. It is a feeling that comes from within. Happiness is a cure for all health issues as it will reduce the stress hormones which can create a havoc in your body.

Happiness has many health benefits such as it increases concentration, insulin levels, it helps to treat constipation and reduces high blood pressure. So why not choose to be happy?

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Some people say that the situations and circumstances make them happy or sad. However, your happiness should not depend on any worldly things. If you try to gain inner peace by doing little things you will be happy.

We will be pleased to share with you some natural ways to be happy. Have a look at some of the simple tips to stay happy.



Even if you don't wish to smile, then just fake it. Smiling gives a signal to your brain that everything is fine and your brain will release endorphins (happy chemicals) which will make you happy. Smiling will also relax your facial muscles and boost your mood.


Go Out In The Sun Light

Going out in sun for just 15 to 20 minutes in the morning will elevate your mood and your brain will release endorphins to make you happy during the day. In this way you will also get vitamin D which will strengthen your immunity. This is one of the best natural ways to feel happy.


Don't Sit In Dark

If you love to sit in dark, avoid this habit as it will make you feel depressed. Lighten your room and sit in a bright light to elevate your mood. Doing this for just few weeks has been shown to make a person happy.


Sleep Well

You must get at least eight to nine hours of sound sleep during night. A good night sleep is very important for your body. It allows you body to heal, repairs tissues and makes your brain fresh. If you are deprived of sleep, you will be anxious and unhappy. This is among the simple tips to stay happy.


People Who Are Workaholic

It has been shown in a study that people who work more than 10 hours a day are more depressed as they face more work related stress. They also get less time for sleep and for their family and this makes them unhappy. Reduce your working hours and try to take less work related stress.


Eat Chocolate

To be happy naturally eat some chocolates. Eating chocolate stimulates your brain to produce chemicals that will make you happy. Moreover, you will also feel relieved and relaxed after having a chocolate. However, don't make this a habit.


People Who Like To Stay Indoors

This is a major reason of being unhappy as you miss to take a fresh breath in air and also miss nature's healing powers. Going out in sun also helps your body to make vitamin D which alleviates your depression and makes you feel happy. So make it a habit to go out and you always don't need a reason for outing.


Thinking Too Much

If you are a person who over thinks on a particular thing then you might find it hard to be happy. Over thinking will ruin your mental and physical health. Obsessive thinking will also release stress hormones such as cortisol which further makes you unhappy and damage your health.


Eat Spicy Foods

When you eat spicy foods, the body reacts to it as if it is in pain. So in defense the brain releases endorphins to cope up with pain. Luckily, these endorphins make you feel good and happy. This is one of the things that make you happy.


Suppressing Your Anger

Anger is a natural emotion and is common for all persons. However, some people suppress their anger and indulge in self destruction as the negative thoughts keeps on lingering in their minds. So express your anger in a healthy and positive manner without hurting other's feelings. This will make you feel good and happy ofcourse.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 8:32 [IST]
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