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Give Up These 8 Things To Be Truly Happy


We always wonder how some people are always happy in all the circumstances. Being happy has much to do with you and less with the circumstances. On the other hand we also come across people who are always bashing about their misfortune or being so unlucky. These type of people are themselves responsible for their unhappiness as they are ungrateful.

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Happiness comes with gratitude. If you show gratitude towards your life, your life will start changing for the best. Feeling negative will always make you unhappy as your thoughts will be manifested.

A smile can cure many of your illnesses and a bad mood can make you unhealthy. So, now the choice is your's. Whether you want to live your life happily without regrets or keep on regretting and waste your life that way. Life comes once so, make the best out of it. There are some habits of yours that you have to quit to be happy.

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Take a look at some habits that you have to quit to be happy always.


Give Up Trying To Be The Best

Try to accept and love your limitations. If you have tried your best to get a job done but it didn't happen, then it's best to let it go. Sometimes you have to quit your efforts as it is simply a wastage of time and energy. If you couldn't become a doctor, it is okay to become a teacher and be happy with what you do. If you have the skills and enjoy what you do, there can be nothing better.


Don't Compare Yourself

If you start to compare yourself with other then for sure you will find others better than you. After all, it is a human nature to pin point flaws in you. Well, that's better for self improvement but always comparing yourself with others may upset you. We all are unique in our own ways and there should be no comparison between humans.


Keep A Distance From Negative People

There are some people like your friends that are your best critics. However, there is a thin line between being a best critic and being a person who brings others down. Be aware of such people who give you unhealthy comments about you and make you feel low about yourself. Don't give anyone the authority or power to underestimate you or humiliate you. You are the best judge of yourself, right?


Don't Say Yes Always

Helping others is fine but remember, if you are saying yes to others, don't say no to yourself. If you are a kind hearted person, then learn to be kind to yourself too. There are many people around that can take undue advantage of your kindness. Sometimes when you help others always, you may find yourself in trouble as you underestimate yourself by giving too much of your time to others.


Stop Hating Others

Jealousy and hatred are the most important factors that are keeping you away from the happiness of your life. Stop paying heed to your hatred for others and focus on your own life. Instead of feeling jealous for others, you must be happy with their success and try to work on your own life. Sharing happiness will also make you happy and contended rather than dwelling on what is not important.


Give Up Regrets

Everyone has a past and if your past is not so happy event, then try to learn from it rather than thinking about it again and again. This will steal your happiness in the present. Past is a gone chapter of your life for which you can't do anything. If you will keep on regretting your past, then you may spoil your present and future.


Give Up Your Bad Habits

Your bad habits will make you unhappy as they will keep you away from the quality time you could have spend with your best buddies and your family. Why waste your time feeding your bad habits and addictions. Your conscience will not let you to be truly happy if you are under the influence of any bad habits.


Avoid lying

Being truthful to yourself and others will make you feel happy from within. Lying will steal your inner peace and you will keep on thinking about it. You will also live in the fear of getting caught by the person to whom you lied. So to be happy, be a true and honest person. This may seem to be difficult but this is the only mantra of being happy.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 16, 2015, 5:01 [IST]