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9 Largest Fast Food Chains In The World

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Most of us love to eat fast food. Whether it is pizza, burger or fried chicken, the lure of fast food chains is just too strong. Some of the largest fast food chains in the world are based on our cravings for these delicious food. Fast food chains always grow larger than normal restaurant chains. This is primarily because the clientele is much larger for fast food chains. Also, it is very easy to open a fast food joint on franchise.

The largest fast food joints in the world have prospered by setting up franchises. There is no need for intensively trained personnel to open up fast foods chains. That is why they grow like mushrooms all over the world. India too has become a hub for fast food chains in the last decade. At one point of time, our economy was protected. We did not allow fast food chains to open in India. But now, globalisation has taken over.

The present generation has grown up on Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut. That is fast food chains have prospered in India. Coming back to the point, there are many contenders for the title of the largest fast food chains in the world.

Let us take a look at some of the largest fast food chains that sprawl across the globe.



It is healthy and also fast food; this unique combination makes Subway a winner. At 33,000 outlets they are the largest fast food chain in the world.



The second largest fast food chain in the world owes its immense popularity to its flexibility. They adapt their menu to suit local tastes and that is why they have 32,000 outlets worldwide.



Nothing is like Starbucks when it comes to coffee. The best part is that they are opening their 16,701st store in India shortly.


Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC entered the Indian market a little late. However, it has captured the youth in a big way. With 16,200 joints, KFC is the 4th largest fast food chain in the world.


Pizza Hut

Italian food that is being sold by the Americans; Pizza Hut gives us a unique form of gourmet fast food. This brand is almost synonymous with pizza in India and they have 13.300 outlets across the globe.


Burger King

Although Burger King is not an unfamiliar name in India, it has not become as popular as Mcdonald's. But if you want a real hamburger (with beef) then you must go to one of the 12,000 stores that they have worldwide.


Dunkin's Doughnuts

If you have not tasted a Dunkin's Doghnut yet, do not worry. This fast food brand is entering the Indian market in big way in 2013. They are following their biggest rivals Starbucks close at the heels.



Wendy's was one of the first fast food chains to come to India. But currently there Indian operations aren't doing great. However, they have 6,600 stores globally that are famous for their cheese burgers.


Taco Bell

This fast food chain is not very popular in India. But we do come across an occasional store or two, especially in Bangalore. There global figures are an astounding 5,800 stores approximately.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 1, 2013, 18:45 [IST]
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