The Scariest Urban Legends Of Our Time

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What is an urban legend? A story can be called a legend if it has traveled that critical distance between fact and fiction. Scary urban legends are based on real life scary stories, but they have become so popular over times that the line between fact and fiction has been blurred. They have been told and retold in so many different permutations and combinations, that you really don't come to know the real story.

There are many kinds of urban legends associated with haunted places or real people. These are by far the scariest.

Scary Urban Legends

Top 5 Scary Urban Legends:

1. Call From The Dead: There are many movies that are based on this theme, the most recent one being, 'One Missed Call'. It is surely a recent urban legend that is a creation of the mobile phone. It has happened in many cases that a family member or relative of a dead person got calls from his/her number after the person already died. When they answered the call, they could hear only static electricity. This especially happens after accidental deaths like bomb blasts.

2. The Demon Barber: Yes, the movie 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street' is based on an urban legend. This scary story is based on an 18th century serial killer who being a barber would slit the throat of his customers. The gruesome legend continues as his monstrous lady love would serve the human flesh of dead customers in the form of meat pies in her cafe. Many historians claim that there might have been a real serial killer alias barber like this who killed more than 160 gentlemen!

3. Bloody Mary: The famous cocktail gets its name from a more famous scary urban legend. They say that if you stand in a dark room with a mirror in your hand; illuminated with nothing more than a candle, and say 'Bloody Mary' between 3 to 13 times, a restless female spirit comes out of the mirror. Depending on your luck it can do a variety of things to you. It can pull you into the mirror, strike your most bitter enemy dead or the mirror can crack open oozing blood.

4. Vanishing Hitchhiker: A beautiful damsel in distress asks you for a lift on a deserted highway and you are more than happy to oblige. But your dream drive becomes a nightmare when she suddenly disappears! Various versions of this scary story have been recorded at different haunted places. It is common on roads that are prone to accidents.

5. Dead Body Under Your Bed: Just imagine you check into a hotel room and a rotting stench attacks your nostrils. When you investigate the source of the smell, you discover that it is a half rotten human dead body hidden under your bed. Many such cases of murder have been recorded and it has since become an urban legend.

Do you know any more of such spooky urban legends?

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Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2012, 17:49 [IST]
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