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5 Tips For Styling Your Nightstand

Nightstand gets its name from its function. Nightstands are placed near the bed to hold things and are usually used at night. Nightstands are a crucial part of the bedroom, especially since they're often one of the first things people see when they enter. A nightstand is a blank canvas, so you have to style it with both form and function in mind!

There are numerous ways to decorate a nightstand. Let's check them out.

Tips To Style Your Nightstand

Tip 1: Start with lighting

The first step would be, to begin with, lighting to illuminate the space and ground the look with a substantial piece. Table lamps are great for adding weight to a room, but you can incorporate wall sconces to open up space and draw the eye upward.

Tip 2: Add a pretty vase and some greenery

The next step is to place a vase on your nightstand that can function as a textural element as well as a container for fresh flowers or faux greenery. An addition of greenery on the nightstand can be an excellent way to change your bedroom setting with the seasons without changing any of your pieces.

Tip 3: Install a beautiful storage system

Regardless of whether or not your nightstand has drawers or shelving, having a few extra pieces to store the specifics are always a good idea. For jewellery, glasses, and other daily items, use trays, boxes, or even small bowls.

Tip 4: Include some functional items

Now it is time to introduce the things that will improve your daily activities. Although you may use your phone as your alarm clock, having a beautiful timepiece on your nightstand can add a modern and sophisticated touch to your bedroom. To complete the experience, place some pretty candles on the nightstand.

Tip 5: Lastly, add a personal touch

When you have all your basics and essentials in place, it is time to add personal touches, such as picture frames with family photos, sentimental decor pieces you have found while travelling, or even your favourite night-time reads.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 16:40 [IST]
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