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Revamp Home With Black n White Decor Theme

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We all want our homes to look good and decorated. But if you are the kind of person who wants his/her home to make an impression, then you can certainly try the black and white decor theme. Black and white are the two most basic colours on the palate. But together, they form the most striking contrast.

So if you are revamping your home to make an impression, black and white decor should be your first choice. It is one of the simplest decor ideas to implement in your home. All you need are some creative ideas. Here are some innovative hints to keep your thoughts racing. Improvise your black and white decor based theme on these tips.

Black And White Decor

Black Furniture

The best way to add black to your home decor is by buying a black furniture. Black furniture looks very classy and chic. If you want to buy a proper leather couch, it will come in black. Most bedsteads come in black and brown. Choose rot iron furniture because it will be uniformly black.

White Walls

Your wall paint should never be black. Black wall paints absorb light and makes your room look darker. The base colour of the walls should be white, and you can add black highlights or decorations to it.

Black n White Patterns

If you look at modern art, most of the designs are in black and white. You can use such black and white paintings to adorn your walls. These days, the textured wall paints are in fashion. Use black and white textures to make the walls in your room look artistic.


Iron, stone or clay sculpture can be found in black colour. Black makes statues and crafts look sleek and you can add these to your decorative menagerie.

Chessboard Pattern

Black and white tiles can be effectively used to make a chessboard in your bathroom. Use the checked pattern in your bathroom to make it look bright.

Black Bathroom Fittings

If you want your bathroom to fit into your black and white decor theme, then install black bath fittings. There is an added bonus to it. Black does not fade or get dirty as quickly as white bath fittings. Besides, a black bathtub had some sensual appeal to your bathroom.

These are some easy tips to make the black and white decor theme work for you. If you have tried this decor idea, then share your pictures and maintenance tips with us.

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