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Make Your Own Curtains: Things You Need

Drapes and curtains are what give your home a fresh look. You can change the entire look of your home by just changing the curtains in your home. It is not very difficult to get new curtains for your home. You can just buy the curtains of the shelves of a furnishing store. You can even order new curtains and drapes online. However, both these options cost a great deal of money. If can make your own curtains, you can save up on cash.

Now it is not very easy to make your own curtains. You have to select the fabric, buy sufficient material, take the measurements and then make your own curtains. Even the thought of so much work is depressing. It just seems so much easier to just buy cheap curtains and get it done with. That obviously means that you have to compromise with the quality of the curtains and definitely with you aesthetic choice. But what if you could make your own curtains at home with whatever material is available to you?

It works out to be easier to make your own curtains for cheap with material available at home. That way, you do not have to worry about buying fabric and it comes up to be pretty much economical as well. So if we give you a list of fabrics that can be used to make your own curtains at home then maybe you can find it easy to make your own drapes.

Here are some things at home you can use to make your own curtains at home in an easy way.



If you have some old sarees in your house that you can do without, then you can surely convert these sarees into drapes. If you have silk sarees then they will give a very glamorous look to your home. But single toned chiffon sarees make the best curtains as they are easier to mix and match with the rest of the furniture.



We often out grow the salwar kameez but very rarely do we out grow the dupattas with it. Dupattas do not fade as easily or go out of fashion. So you can easily use the dupattas to make curtains for your home. Dual toned or shaded dupattas often make the best curtains.



Stoles are the single coloured drapes that we carry with dresses, gowns and even sarees. These stoles can also be mixed and matched to make funky curtains for your home. However, you must have a very large collection of stoles for this purpose.


Bed Sheets

Old bed sheets provide the cheapest source of fabric for changing the drapes in your home. You can mix and match two or three old bed sheets make new curtains for your home.


Lining Of Your Dresses

If you want to give your home a very country side summery look, then you can go for translucent white curtains that allow air and light to enter your home. The lining that used under dresses can be used as material for these curtains.


Table Linen

Have you ever wondered what crochet curtains would look like? It might actually look quite artistic. So

Story first published: Thursday, May 29, 2014, 11:41 [IST]
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