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Valentine’s Day 2022: Useful Wellness Gifts To Make Your Partner's Life Easy

Small things can make a big difference. This Valentine's Day, how about you give your partner small but useful wellness items that will keep them healthy and make their life easy as well? Boldsky brings to you a list of some of the wellness items which you can gift your partner, especially if they are a health enthusiast or a fitness freak.


1. Gym Membership

A gym membership is a very thoughtful and useful gift to give to your health freak partner this Valentine's Day. Doing gym has many health benefits, especially the improvement in overall wellbeing. Whether your partner is a regular gym-goer or has never been to the place before, a gym membership will help them explore activities such as cardio training to keep them in shape and stay fit.

2. Shower Steamers

Shower steamers have all the reasons to be the best Valentine gift ever. They are usually like bath bombs that dissolves and releases aromatic essential oils when comes in contact with water. These steamers are best to reduce psychological stress and relax you in every way possible due to their fragrance. Get an experience of a spa with these shower steamers.

3. Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD)

A VCD is a medical device that helps men keep an erection if they are unable to due to anxiety-related erectile dysfunction. They can be bought both with and without prescription. Before gifting your partner a VCD, make sure that you are aware of the prons and cons of the device and is able to explain how it can be useful to them.

4. Acupressure Shoes

Though there is a range of footwear options in the market, an acupressure shoes could be a healthy buy for your partner this Valentine's Day. Acupuncture shoes are like massage slippers that helps relieve the foot pain and aches and provide you with a better sleep. Daily use of the slippers can help promote general body and mind wellness.

5. Supplements

Nutritional supplements contain ingredients such as minerals, vitamins, enzymes and herbs that help add nutrition to the diet and improve our health. Supplements are mainly doctor-recommended products depending on your health condition, however, some supplementations like curcumin, vitamin D or flaxseed oil can benefit anyone and improve their overall health.


6. Massager

A massager is a handy tool that helps provide you relief at the comfort of your home. Be it a massager of the foot, back, neck or shoulder, the device helps improve the blood flow, reduce muscle tension and relieve joint stiffness. Gifting a massager to your partner could be a great Valentine gift idea as it may help your partner relax after a long day.

7. Glucometer Kit

If your partner is a diabetic, a glucometer kit could be a wonderful gift as it may help them keep a check on their sugar levels and manage the condition well. Tracking blood sugar is an essential part of a diabetic routine and a people with diabetes must do it to see whether their glucose levels are balanced, so that accordingly they can change their lifestyle habits.

8. Acne Cream

Acne is one of the common skin conditions that causes large, red, tender and pus-filled pimples for a long period. It affects both men and women. If your partner has acne over his/her face, you may gift them dermatologically tested acne creams that may help clear the pimples and make the skin smooth. Remember, acne creams are specific to men and women.

9. Herb Seed Kit

If your partner is fond of gardening or someone who loves to grow their own fresh plants, it is time to appreciate their love for nature and gift them a herb seed kit. The kit may contain seeds of indoor gardening plants such as basil and mint. Your partner can use them to grow plants at their balcony or kitchen.

10. Aromatherapy Essential Oils

Aromatic essential oils are a bit different than regular oils; they contain plant compounds that give out aroma with therapeutic properties. Essential oils are widely used in aromatherapy for the good health of the mind and the body by improving the mood, relieving pain and promoting well-being.


11. Sleeping Mask

Gifting a sleeping mask to your partner could be the best way to pamper your partner this Valentine's Day. It allows a person to fall asleep faster, which may, in turn, help improve the quality of sleep and decrease the risk of diseases that follows lack of sleep such as obesity and heart disease.

12. Pedometer

A pedometer is a device that helps keep a track of the number of steps a person has taken throughout a day. It comes inbuilt in devices like fitness bands and mobile. Gifting a device with a pedometer can help your partner monitor their activity level and motivate them to add more steps to their daily routine in a creative way.

13. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are fabricated mats that allow an individual to carry out their yoga session effectively and without any slipping. Yoga supports the healing of both the mind and the body and helps improve your strength, flexibility and balance. Nowadays, yoga mats are available in many colours, you can choose your partner's favourite colour while gifting.

14. Box Of Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are teas made of herbs or plant materials like seeds, flowers or roots. When consumed, the active compounds in the herbs provide a range of benefits, from boosting the immune system to preventing chronic diseases. You can opt from a range of herbal tea options such as chamomile, peppermint, sage, hibiscus or ginger.

15. Vitamins For Hair Growth

Hairfall is a common issue and can be managed easily with a balanced diet. Nowadays, vitamins for hair growth are available in the market that contains essential vitamins such as vitamin A, D, B and E to strengthen your hair follicles and help in hair growth.


16. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are pants made with thicker and more durable fabric that helps you stretch your body well to perform different poses during yoga. The pants never go out of fashion and one can also wear them after work or at the gym. Select from a variety of yoga pants available online or in the market and gift it to your partner this Valentine.

17. Skipping Ropes

Skipping or jumping hope can help improve your heart health, mental health, skin health and bone health. Performing skipping daily can help reduce belly fat and strengthen the muscles of the body. Gifting a skipping rope to your partner will inspire them to work out in the comfort of their home and stay fit and healthy.

To Conclude

Before gifting any of the aforementioned wellness gift items to your partner, make sure you have read enough about it or have consulted a medical expert.

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