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7 Effective Home Remedies For Treating Nausea

| Reviewed By Sneha Krishnan

Most people experience nausea from time to time, especially during pregnancy and travel. Nausea gives an awful and unpleasant feeling in the stomach and makes you feel like you are about to vomit. If you have nausea most often, read on to find out how to manage nausea with simple home remedies.

The common causes of nausea are food poisoning, side effects of drugs, motion sickness, pregnancy, and drinking excess alcohol. Nausea is often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, dry mouth, fever and decreased urination.

Few home remedies can help manage nausea and reduce the symptoms, making you feel comfortable.


1. Ginger

Ginger is a widely-used home remedy for managing nausea. Studies have shown that ginger is very effective in treating nausea caused by pregnancy and chemotherapy. Whether consumed raw or cooked, ginger can manage the symptoms of nausea [1].

  • Eat a half piece of fresh ginger or drink ginger tea.

2. Cinnamon

A study published in the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal found that cinnamon has the ability to reduce nausea caused by menstrual pain [2].

  • Add a cinnamon stick into a glass of water and keep it overnight. Drink it whenever you feel nauseated.
  • Boil half a cup of water and add a cinnamon stick into it. Steep it for a few minutes and drink it.

3. Peppermint

Peppermint has a calming and numbing effect on the stomach and it helps relaxes the stomach muscles. A study found that peppermint aromatherapy is useful for treating nausea in women post C-section delivery [3].

  • Peppermint can be taken in the form of peppermint tea or peppermint oil.

4. Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a popular remedy for managing nausea. Chamomile has a sedative effect that may help you sleep when you are feeling nauseous [4].

  • Boil a cup of water.
  • In a cup add 3-4 tbsp of chamomile flowers and pour the boiling water on it.
  • Steep it for a few minutes and drink it.
  • Dr Sneha says, "Chamomile relaxes the digestive muscles and helps with nausea. The sedative effect might be counterproductive when associated with vomiting."


5. Lemons

Lemons are packed full of citric acid and this can help soothe your stomach when you feel nauseous. If nausea is caused due to constipation, drinking warm water with lemon juice can aid in stimulating your bowel movement.
As per a study in 2015, inhaling the scent of lemon essential oil can help ease nausea and vomiting in pregnant women [5].

  • Cut a slice of fresh lemon and smell it whenever you feel nauseous.

6. Water

Whenever you feel uneasy or if nausea is accompanied by vomiting, sip water throughout the day as it may help you feel better.
Drinking non-carbonated sugary drink can be helpful to replace the sugars and salts lost through vomiting.


7. Meditation

Performing meditation can help relax and calm the mind, thereby helping in relieving nausea. Meditation is extremely beneficial for nausea caused by anxiety and stress.

  • Breathe in slowly through the nose and hold your breath for three seconds and slowly breathe out.
  • Repeat it until nausea subsides.
  • Tips To Reduce Nausea

    • Avoid spicy or fatty foods
    • Don't drink between your meals
    • Sit upright after you eat
    • Avoid inhaling strong smells
    • Exercise
    • Avoid eating large meals
    • Add protein in your meals
    • Doctor's Note:If nausea or vomiting persist or get severe (accompanied by high fever, unable to eat, dehydration) visit a clinic.

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Sneha Krishnan
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