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15 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Cravings are a man's enemy. I think we can all agree on it. But what if I tell you that you can curb these cravings by eating healthy snacks that are beneficial for your health. When you hear the word 'snacks', naturally our mind thinks 'unhealthy' - but let's change that, shall we!

Most of us fail to eat a healthy and complete breakfast in the morning, leading to a tired morning and pre-lunch hours which can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your work or finish that assignment that is due. Consequently, this causes you to develop cravings and mostly end up with you crunching on some chips or gorging down a big burger.

In the same light, most of us have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night and tiptoeing to the kitchen to check the refrigerator for some crackers and chocolates. There are several reasons as to why you feel hungry in the middle of your sleep, with the central one being the modern lifestyle, along with health conditions and medications as well.

In the current article, we will provide a list of healthy snacks you can have in the morning and in the night, to get rid of your hunger pangs as well as to promote weight loss in the process.


1. Cheese And Apple Slices

Portion controlled cheeses are an ideal mid-morning snack. These contain four grams of fibre and have about 70 calories. You can have it with apples to up your fibre intake. This is one of the best healthy morning snacks [1].


2. Roasted Chickpeas

These contain eight grams of protein and six grams of fibre [2]. A bowl of chickpeas can keep your tummy full for at least 5 hours and help healthily ease the hunger pangs. You can keep these at your desk as your go-to snack.


3. Strawberries And Greek Yoghurt

This power-packed combo is packed with 20 grams of satiating protein [3]. The strawberries can provide you with the required amount of fibre to your body and ease your hunger pangs. The combination of yoghurt and strawberry can prevent you from getting hungry until your lunch break.


4. Shelled Pistachios

These contain six grams of protein and three grams of fibre [4]. Eating shelled pistachios can help control cravings and prevent you from gorging on unhealthy food items. Also, shelled pistachios are one of the best mid-morning snacks for weight loss [5].


5. Low Fat Cottage Cheese And Banana

Cottage cheese is an incredible source of protein. It contains about 10 grams in a quarter cup [6]. A small banana can deliver about 10 grams of fibre, hence keeping you full. This is one of the top healthy morning snacks for weight loss. Eating a whole banana can also help ease the hunger pangs most healthily.


6. Sprout Salad

Sprouts are rich in nutrients, extremely low in calories and fat [7]. You can use moong sprouts which help reduce the blood pressure levels and to help detoxify the blood. You can eat the salad with a dash of lemon, which also helps in burning fat most healthily [8].


7. Raw Peanuts

Peanuts are beneficial for your heart health [9]. They are rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats which help satisfy your hunger in the healthiest way possible [10]. Consume only a handful of peanuts in a day and not more than that.


8. Makhana (Fox Nuts)

Low in cholesterol, fat and sodium, makhana is an ideal snack to satiate your in-between meal hunger pangs [11]. Individuals suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases and obesity can benefit from this healthy snack.


9. Poha

Made from flattened rice, this dish is a good source of healthy carbohydrates. Poha is light on the stomach and can be easily digested, making it the perfect snack for your cravings [12].


10. Granola Bar

You need to go for granola bars that are less in sugar and calorie content [13]. These contain seven grams of fibre, six grams of protein, five grams of sugar and are perfect for a morning snack, especially when you miss out on your breakfast.


11. Banana With Almond Butter

Banana is indeed one of the best and healthy snack-foods out there. Dip a small banana in a spoon of unsweetened almond butter and eat when the hunger pangs are playing with your sleep. The healthy calorie combination also helps in promoting sleep [14].


12. Hot Cereal

No, cereals are not just for breakfast. Having whole-grain cereals like oatmeal are good for late-night cravings, as it not only help fill your tummy but also promote better sleep [15]. Add cinnamon or dried fruits.


13. Trail Mix

Trail mixes are healthy and tasty [16]. You can make a trail mix with almonds at home. Add dried fruits, whole-grain cereal and dark chocolate to complete the mix and consume it to ease your sudden hunger pangs in the middle of the night.


14. Hard-boiled Egg Whites

The protein from the egg whites is extremely good for your health, as it helps keep your blood sugar stable and hence healthily control the hunger pangs [17]. You can also make egg muffins, which are made by mixing vegetables and egg whites (best if you make some in the evening before-hand and keep it refrigerated).


15. Pumpkin Seeds

One of the best solutions for midnight hunger pangs is pumpkin seeds. Salty, crunchy and healthy, pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium which can help promote and improve your sleep quality as well [18].


On A Final Note…

While helping you ease your sudden bouts of hunger pangs, these healthy snacks are also beneficial for weight loss. Due to the presence of healthy fat and good fibre content, the snacks are easy to make and tasty to eat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is snacking good for weight loss?

A. Majority of studies indicate that snacking between meals does not affect weight. And, eating protein-rich, high fibre snacks can help you lose weight.'

Q. What should I eat for lunch if I want to lose weight?

A. Foods such as whole eggs, leafy greens, salmon, cruciferous vegetables, boiled potatoes and beans and legumes are some of the best options.

Q. What foods to avoid while dieting?

A. Fried foods such as French fries, sugary drinks, white bread, candy bars, pastries, cookies, cakes and ice creams are types of food one should avoid while on a diet.

Q. How many snacks should I eat a day to lose weight?

A. One of the most common confusions about a weight loss diet is the number of meals that one should eat per day. While some studies say that eating three meals every day, with no snacks in between works better, some others believe in eating six smaller meals for better weight management.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 4, 2020, 20:09 [IST]