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    Yoga In School Can Boost Mental Health Of Anxiety-prone Children

    By Avni Porwal

    School going children need to be given proper attention so that they can grow up to be their best. Currently, we see children are overburdened with studies and grades.

    Every student is unique in his own way. The interests of all the students should be looked after in a proper manner so that no student suffers a mental breakdown or anxiety attack. Teachers and parents should try to understand the behaviour of their children and maintain a proper level of interaction with them.

    best type of yoga for anxiety

    All the schools should come up with proper and executable ideas to help the weak and anxiety-prone students so that they come out of their isolated zones.

    We often see that a few students develop their own sphere in which they don't like the indulgence of anyone, not even their own parents. In such cases, these students are often neglected as they are considered to be introverts; no one tries to communicate with the inner soul of such students.

    So it becomes the prime duty of the schools to conduct activities which turn these introverts into social beings. One remedy which can prove to be very fruitful is yoga. Yoga has been practised for ages. Yoga helps us to connect our mind and our soul. It is a discipline used to link our spirit with our senses and make us physically strong.

    Yoga, if included in the school curriculum will surely help children to have a command over their body and their senses. Yoga will tend to improve the learning capacity of children.

    The points given below will help us know how yoga helps anxiety-prone children:

    1. Yoga will help children to have an inner sense of body awareness. Once they are introduced to yoga they will surely have the urge of keeping their mind fit and body healthy. The anxiety-prone children will benefit from meditation and breathing and these will help them come out of stress.

    2. Yoga helps children to build their concentration power; it helps students to keep themselves connected to the important things, especially in the case of anxiety-prone students it lowers the risk of their mind getting indulged in aimless thoughts.

    3. Yoga helps students in increasing confidence. Confidence building is very much necessary for the introvert children as these children often hide their emotions. An increase in their confidence level helps them to speak about their problems and discuss them with their teachers and parents.

    4. Yoga increases the potential of the students and hence provides the opportunity to the weak students to take up any task and make them capable of handling any challenge.

    5. Students need a lot of energy throughout the day from going to school to doing their homework; all students require ample energy and this energy can be best gained with the help of yoga.

    6. Yoga also helps students in coming out of their inferiority complex zone. It keeps them energetic. It helps them realize their goals and makes them more vigilant about their performance.

    Different Yoga Exercises For Children Can Be Helpful In Various Ways:

    1. Breathing Exercise
    2. Balancing
    3. Stretching

    1. Breathing Exercise: This helps in the release of healthy hormones which is helpful for relieving stress and anxiety. Breathing is helpful in increasing both a student's focus and lung capacity.

    2. Balancing: Balancing poses help in making the mind calm and healthy; these help in developing intrinsic strength.

    3. Stretching: It helps them to strengthen their body muscles. Students need to lift heavy school bags and indulge in sports activities, so in this case, stretching is very helpful as it increases their muscle power.

    Yoga tends to nurture the entire body of the students. Yoga not only helps in improving mental health but also makes students physically fit.

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