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    What Happens If You Don't Sleep With A Pillow

    तकिया लगाकर सोने के नुकसान | Benefits of sleeping without pillow | Boldsky

    We all know that sleeping with pillows is necessary while we sleep. Some people add bolsters under their head while sleeping. But, the question is, is it right to sleep with a pillow or without a pillow? Most of you may be wondering the most probable answer - the main reason you use a pillow is to keep the position of the head, neck and spine aligned and comfortable.

    When you walk upright, the head and neck are in vertical alignment at the top of the spine, sustained by the complex muscles. However, while sleeping, the muscles that sustain you while walking in a relaxed state may cause the head to fall backwards or forwards.

    What Happens If You Dont Sleep With A Pillow

    That's where pillows come in to lay your head and neck aligned with the spine. But sometimes you may wake up with a sore neck may be because of the pillows you are sleeping in.

    There are many reasons why you should sleep without a pillow. Read on to know what happens if you don't sleep with a pillow.

    Sleeping Without A Pillow Benefits Your Neck & Back

    Sleeping without pillows will help in extending your back, and you will rest in a natural position without any aches or health consequences. Using a soft pillow can strain your neck muscles and even decrease the blood flow to your head.

    If your head tilts downwards on a pillow that does not provide adequate support for your head, then the airflow through the respiratory system will be significantly reduced. And due to this, you will most likely wake up the next morning feeling light-headed or with a severe headache.

    On the other hand, using a thick pillow or stacking up two to three pillows underneath your head and neck will deform your position of the spine and induce pain in your back. Sleeping in this position for longer periods will only cause chronic back pain and frequent muscle strain.

    If you start experiencing the pain in the morning, get rid of the pillows immediately. And try to sleep one night without any pillow to see if the back or neck pain is gone or not.

    You Will Feel Well Rested In The Morning

    Not using any head and neck support will allow the body to find an optimal position for resting. When you use pillows that don't provide proper support, the body has to compensate by engaging the neck or back muscles. This causes even more strain at a time when your body is supposed to recover from everyday stress. Your muscles and tendons will work overtime, and the added pressure will accumulate and increase the pain.

    When the neck and back muscles get excessive strain for long periods of time, the pain becomes chronic. To get rid of the persistent pain, you must get professional help immediately and change your sleeping habits. The symptoms of excessive strain include restless sleeping, frequent waking up during sleep and often changing your position in bed.

    All these symptoms lead to sleep deprivation and induce increased stress and anxiety. When you wake up in the morning, gently stretch out your body.

    Sleeping Without Pillow Will Help Your Face

    While sleeping on the pillow, your either side of the face gets squished, this stops the blood circulation. And there is no way your skin can benefit from being pressed on the pillow for hours. When the face is pressed on the pillow, it will prevent your face from being able to perspire and breathe. This will prevent the pores on the skin without any access to air.

    This results in perspiration, especially during summers and aids in the forming of all the oil and grease on your face. The added dust and impurities on the pillow's surface come in contact with your face.

    How Sleeping Without A Pillow Can Avoid Back Pain?

    When you sleep with a thick pillow, the backbone changes the location and you may experience back pain the next day. Sleeping without a pillow is the best medicine for preventing and treating back pain.

    Also, sleeping without your pillow will allow the spine to fully rest with the natural curve of the body in place. It will also reduce soreness in the neck.

    What Do The Experts Say?

    The health experts agree that sleeping on the bed without a pillow is naturally good for the body. Some experts revealed that it improves the quality of sleep and makes your body comfortable. Sleeping without a pillow will make your spine and neck bones firmer.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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