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    What Causes Depression In The Brain?

    By Needhi Gandhi

    Medically, depression is a condition that takes place because of the chemical imbalance that happens inside the brain, but this simple statement does not explain the serious situation of the person who is into depression.

    Studies have proven that depression just not initiates by the lack or excess of chemicals in the brain.
    There are many factors that can lead to depression like faulty mood regulations, genetic issues, traumatic life routine, wrong medications, and other medical ailments.

    Depression will bring the person to a state of mind where there are no joyful feelings felt. Depression directly affects in a negative way like the way you think, feel and act.

    Depression causes sadness and the person suffering from depression loses interest in everything. For example, lack of interest in activities he/she loved before, decrease in mental ability, etc.


    Common Symptoms Of Depression

    • Depressed mood or feeling sad all the time
    • Trouble in falling asleep or sleeping much more than normal
    • Fatigue or loss of energy
    • Feeling of guilt or feeling worthy less or feeling like a loser
    • Immense weight loss or weight gain
    • Facing difficulty in concentrating or thinking
    • Suicidal thoughts

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    Is Chemical Imbalance Responsible For Depression?

    It is true that chemical imbalance is also the reason for the cause of depression, but it does not mean that by just having low or high chemicals, it can trigger depression in a person.

    Actually, there are numerous chemical reactions that take place both inside and outside of our brain, depending on the mood and situations. All these chemical reactions are responsible for a person to get into depression.


    Genes And Depression

    The seriousness of depression differs from person to person, two individuals can show similar symptoms of depression, but the inner strength of the person only decides the complexity of the situation and treatment as well.

    There are people who are prone to get into depression sooner, whereas some of them are stronger to tackle traumatic situations without getting into depression. This difference between two people is actually because of the difference in genes that influences the reaction to situations and even response to medications.


    Impact Of Brain On Depression

    Still, many people think that emotions come from the heart; but it has been proven scientifically that all kinds of emotions comes from the brain. The mood of a person is completely regulated by the brain. It's not just brain chemicals, but nerve cell growth, nerve circuits, nerve cell connections and working conditions of all these together that actually have more impact on depression. Medical science is not able to completely understand the reason for mood swings.

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    Is Depression A Disease?

    Depression cannot be considered as a disorder because it is not a biological disorder and there are no physical symptoms visible. As per clinical studies, only 10 percent of depression can be related biologically.


    Impact Of Hormonal Imbalance On Depression

    Out of many reasons, extra production of stress hormones is also a big reason for depression. Hormones will be released as per the reaction of a person to a stressful condition, but can it be really considered as the cause of depression?

    Studies have found that depressed people will be carrying extra stress hormones in the blood and which actually can make them feel exhausted.

    Clinical studies have shown that the way of thinking of a stressed person will be totally disastrous like ‘All or Nothing'. A person in stress will have more dreams than a normal person that will cause exhaustion after getting up.



    As per medical experts, smoking is also the very big reason that pushes a person into depression. Actually still, there is doubt in common populace of whether smoking pushes them into depression or people with depression pick up smoking.

    However, clinical trials have proved that nicotine has the capability of affecting the neurotransmission inside the brain that results in higher levels of dopamine and serotonin. This is the reason persons having smoking habits tend to get into depression much faster.


    Depression And Family History

    Studies have found that depression can be a genetically inherited disorder and it can run through families. However, it does not mean that you will have depression if your close relatives or parents are suffering from depression related issues. Personal factors and life circumstances have more influence on depression.


    Impact Of Personality

    If a person has low self-confidence or affinity to worry too much or have the personality like a perfectionist, then there are more chances of the person to get into depression while facing even small traumatic issues.


    Drug Or Alcohol Abuse

    People who are not satisfied with their life tend to lean into the use of the drugs and alcohol. However, it has been proven that excess use of alcohol and drugs can push the person more into depression with other disorders.


    Life Events

    This has been proven long back that if a person is living in difficulties for a long time, then it can push the person into depression. Situations like prolonged unemployment, bad relationship, loneliness, and work stress can definitely trigger depression.

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    Story first published: Sunday, January 7, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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