Top 10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Epsom Salt

health benefits of epsom salt

I am sure you must have heard of the regular table salt and the Himalayan salt. But, you must not be aware of another salt called the Epsom salt, which has potential health benefits too. Epsom salt is used as an anti-inflammatory remedy by the athletes to treat sore muscles.

Epsom salt is different from the traditional salt, which consists of a compound of magnesium and sulphate. Epsom salt is chemically known as magnesium sulphate and it is an easy and inexpensive source of magnesium.

Magnesium sulphate is a very essential mineral that most people are lacking in. The lack of this important nutrient in the bodies is due to a combination of issues, including overuse of prescription medications, the consumption of fast foods and many more.

All of these issues take a toll in our bodies that depletes our body of magnesium. This is one of the reasons why Epsom salt should be an important part for improving one's health.

Read on to know more about the top 10 health benefits of Epsom salt that has the ability to cure various internal health issues.


1. Boosts Magnesium Levels

Suffering from magnesium deficiency is very common and the low magnesium levels can be caused by alcoholism, severe diarrhoea, malnutrition or high calcium levels. Magnesium plays a key role in organizing many bodily functions, thus Epsom salt can help improve the internal levels of magnesium in the body.


2. Reduces Stress

After a rough day, you want to soak in a warm bath to bust off that stress right? Well, to amplify the stress-reducing benefits and get the most of a nice, long warm bath, you can add two cups of Epsom salt to your bathing water. Magnesium is known to reduce stress and improve neuropsychiatric disorders.


3. Eliminates Toxins

The sulphates present in Epsom salt helps the body in flushing out the toxins and in providing a detox from the body's cells. You can add a few cups of Epsom salt to your bathing water that will assist in pulling out the dangerous toxins from your body. This will result in rejuvenation of the body.

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4. Relieves Constipation

Epsom salt is a saline laxative and is commonly used to naturally relieve constipation. If the salt is taken internally, it acts like a laxative by increasing water in the intestines and cleansing the colon of the waste. The consumption of Epsom salt can bring in a temporary relief from constipation.


5. Reduces Pain And Inflammation

A warm bath with Epsom salt is known to relieve pain and inflammation which is the root cause for many diseases. It is beneficial for treating bronchial asthma, sore muscles and headaches. Epsom salt can also help in healing cuts and wounds and reduce swelling that accompanies bruised skin.


6. Improves The Blood Sugar Levels

High magnesium levels in the body have been linked with a reduced risk of developing diabetes. Epsom salt, being an excellent source of magnesium, improves the body's ability to produce and utilize the insulin. Regular consumption of Epsom salt can help regulate blood sugar and lower the risk of diabetes.

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7. Relieves Pain And Cramping

Epsom salt is easily absorbed through the skin, which works wonders for internal health issues. It helps to relieve muscle tension, pain, and inflammation in the joints. If you are having painful abdominal cramps, you can soak yourself in bathing water filled with Epsom salt to soothe the abdominal cramps.


8. Helps Muscle And Nerve Function

Epsom salt has many health benefits apart from relieving stress, pain and cramping. Magnesium sulphate has positive effects on the human body by aiding in many enzymatic functions. Epsom salt helps to regulate the fluid retention in the cells, and facilitates proper muscle and nerve functions.


9. Improves Heart Health

Epsom salt improves the circulation of blood in the heart and arteries. It prevents cardiovascular diseases by decreasing inflammation and protecting the elasticity of arteries. Having healthier arteries means lesser risk of blood clots, plaque build-up and damage to the arterial walls.

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10. Treats Feet Infections

Epsom salt is commonly used in relieving stress and pain from the feet. But, you most probably did not know that it has healing properties to treat athlete's foot and toe fungal infections. You can cure fungal infections from the feet by soaking your feet in Epsom salt water to alleviate the itching and burning sensation.

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