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Powerful Yoga Asanas For Glowing Skin

By Devika
Yoga For Glowing Skin | Copal Shakti Yoga | Sarvangasana | Halasana | Boldsky

A beautiful and glowing skin is what everyone desires. Skin perfection is attributed to a glowing, flawless, and supple skin. If you have followed the secret behind the glowing skin of celebrities, you will be amazed to know that most of these beauties thank the power of yoga for the beautiful skin that they have.

Top celebrities with glowing skin swear by yoga. They are of the opinion that yoga serves to be the management system for life. Also, they consider yoga to be the most holistic approach towards life. It not just tones, strengthens or cures the body, but also works on the mind and soul from within.

Yoga has the power to improve your life drastically. It promotes proper blood circulation which ultimately improves the skin by providing the cells with the required nutrients and the toxins are hence flushed out.

The mudras of yoga that are designed to face downward can reduce dullness and can treat pimples and acne. These mudras grant a youthful and stunning glow to the face.

Read on to know some of the top yoga asanas to achieve a glowing skin.

  • Padmasana
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Shavasana


The most simple and easy asan to do, Padmasana is performed by many due to its ultimate benefits. Padmasana means "lotus flower". It is also known so due to its lotus pose. This asana is also referred to as "kamalasan".

Steps of Padmasana:

• Stretch your legs while sitting on the floor. Keep your legs straight in front. Hold the right leg with your hands, fold the legs and place the right leg onto your left thigh. Try to make your feet touch your navel.

• Now do the same with your left leg and place it onto the right thigh. This is the point where both your knees would be touching the floor. The foot should face upwards.

• Keep your spinal cord straight.

• Put both your hands, with the palms facing upwards, on the knee joints. Your thumb should touch your index finger. Let the other fingers face upward.

• Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on your breathing - inhale and exhale slowly.

• If you are new to this asana, do it initially for 2 or 3 minutes; you can increase the time period slowly.

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is a downward facing dog formation pose.

Steps of Adho Mukha Svanasana

• Make your body form a table-like structure by standing on four legs.

• Exhale and while doing it, lift your hips and simultaneously straighten knees and elbows. The body should have formed an inverted V-like structure.

• Toes should point forwards and your hands need to be in line with the shoulders and your feet should be in line with your hips.

• Press your hands on the ground and pull up your neck lengthwise. Your ears would now be touching your inner arms. Gaze towards your navel.

• Hold this position for a few seconds. Now, bend your knees and return to the table position.


One of the three main stretching exercises, dhanurasana is also called the bow pose. Keep your stomach empty before you attempt this asana. Best done as the first thing in the morning.

Steps of Dhanurasana

• Lie flat on your stomach. Keep your arms beside your body. Your feet and hip should be apart.

• Now, fold your knees and hold your ankles.

• Inhale. Lift your legs and chest off the ground. Pull the legs back.

• Look straight.

• Concentrate on breathing and hold onto this position.

• After about 15 minutes, you can exhale and release yourself from this pose.


This asana is also known as the Shoulder Stand.

Steps for Sarvangasana

• Lie flat on your back. Keep your arms by your side and your legs together.

• Lift your legs, buttocks, and back. In this pose, your elbows should support your lower body and you should be standing high on your shoulders. Your back should be supported using your hands.

• Your body weight should lie on your shoulders and upper arms.

• Point your toes out. Your posture should be maintained for 30 to 60 seconds. Breathe deeply.

• Lower your knees and bring your hands back to the floor when releasing.


This asana is named so because it resembles the typical plow.

Steps to perform Halasana

• Lie flat on your back. Let your arms be on the side with the palm facing downward.

• Inhale and lift your feet above the ground. Use your abdominal muscles to do this. Your legs would be at a 90-degree angle now.

• Use your hands for support and lift your hips off the floor.

• Do a 180-degree angle with your feet. Your toes should go beyond your head.

• Your back should be perpendicular to the ground.

• Hold the position while breathing.

• Exhale and bring your legs down.


It is also referred to as the corpse pose.

Steps to do Shavasana

• Lie on the floor (preferably a hard surface).

• Keep your eyes closed.

• Place your legs apart. Toes should be pointing sidewards.

• Place your arms on the side of your body and slightly apart. Leave the palms open facing upwards.

• Pay attention to every area of your body. Begin from your toes. Breathe slowly and deeply while doing this process. This grants your body complete relaxation.

• Be in this position for ten minutes and then roll onto one side before opening your eyes again.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 18:00 [IST]
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