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Men Can Keep Age To Just A Number With These Simple Tips

By Soumik Ghosh

Those days are long gone when it was only the women's job to take care of their skin in order to slow down the process of ageing. Even men these days are paying a lot of attention to their appearance, and thus proving you don't really have to be "metrosexual" to care about putting your best face forward every time you step out.

The reason is simple: Who doesn't want to look their best? Looking your best is directly proportional to feeling best and consequently, you're more confident than ever.

Although it is possible to get a plethora of products in this ever-increasingly competitive market, most of them fail to provide you healthy skin without compromising on wrinkles. People with experience on the intensive use of cosmetic products are well aware of this fact.

So why not turn to mother nature and provide yourself with the myriad herbs that can work wonders to make your skin better? They don't come along with the risk of wrinkle-formation for years.

Voila! So, here we've come up with a bunch of natural anti-ageing tips for men that are proven to help you combat the signs of ageing.

And also, since June is Men's Health Month, let's walk an extra mile (or two) towards keeping ourselves healthy, happy, and, of course, handsome!

So, without further delay, let's dive straight into the natural ocean of anti-ageing tips and tricks that will hold you from drowning into wrinkles before it's naturally supposed to be so.

1. Commit To The Basics

2. Go Green And Drink A Lot Of Water

3. Sleeping Is Powerful

4. Go Easy On Alcohol, Caffeine, And Smoke

5. Get Into A Gentle Workout Regime

1. Commit To The Basics:

First things first. Get yourself a routine, right away, and stick to it daily. No matter how busy you are, do not miss out on washing your face with your trusted face wash and moisturizing with a facial moisturizer in the morning, as well as night.

It will dramatically uplift your skin's clearness, reduce lines, and make way for a more energized appearance. That being said, not that you need to find out your skin type, before carrying out your daily routine, so that you buy the appropriate face wash for your skin.

2. Go Green And Drink A Lot Of Water:

Studies have repeatedly concluded that the best bet, any day, is to fill half your plate with colourful fruits and vegetables-the wider the variety, the better. Why, you ask? Vitamin C-rich guavas, bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, papaya, etc. defend your skin against free radicals, allowing it to remain firm and elastic.

Cabbage, sprouts, peas, potatoes, spinach, and everything else that are high in zinc protect your skin's cell membranes and help in skin renewal. Fruits like kiwi, melon, avocado, and vegetables including tomatoes, carrots, etc. provide vitamin E that guards your skin against UV radiation.

Besides, you can't overlook the need for hydration when it comes to your body's largest organ-skin. While proper hydration reflects in younger, healthier-looking skin, dehydration results in the skin being dry and wrinkled.

Water also replenishes skin cells and helps it remain elastic and moisturized. Improper hydration doesn't let toxins out of your system, which comes back to you as acne, rashes, and other unpleasant skin conditions. I bet, that's not something you want!

3. Sleeping Is Powerful:

The dearth of sleep in a day or continually for days will show its effects now or someday. Sleep for an average of 8 hours a day to get rid of under-eye bags. On top, sleeping relaxes your mind and skin cells and reduces the formation of wrinkles on the skin. A stress-free and peaceful mind equals better-looking skin, undeniably.

4. Go Easy On Alcohol, Caffeine, And Smoke:

It's not really new that alcohol and caffeine consumption have visible effects on your skin. Biologically enough, alcohol causes your face's blood vessels to dilate and continuous drinking for years potentially causes those vessels to dilate permanently, and red, spidery veins show up.

Caffeine also reacts much like a diuretic that makes you and your skin dehydrated, depleting vital skin nutrients, and making the skin appear dull with each passing day. However, in order to minimize the negative effects of these popular vices, you need to back it up by drinking even more water.

And then comes smoking-one of the worst things you can afford to do to your skin and body, alike. The inhaled carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the bloodstream, which implies that your skin, along with other organs, doesn't receive enough of it. Perhaps worst of all, which you were not aware of till now, is the fact that the faces you make when smoking lead to wrinkles.

5. Get Into A Gentle Workout Regime:

Exercises are not only meant for cardiovascular benefits. But regular exercise also promotes healthier skin by increasing blood flow, and thus allowing oxygen and other nutrients to be carried to working cells in the body-skin included.

Honestly, exercise doesn't actually help in detoxifying your skin, but what it does well is it cleans your skin from the inside by flushing cellular debris out of the system. Then again, not merely a good face but also firmer muscles overall add up to you looking better generally.

Men, always remember that good health inside gets clearly visible on the outside. So, don't be afraid when you feel like you need to get a little help looking good and never ever hold yourself from feeling good about it!

Got questions for us? Go ahead, we'll love to answer. Have some more suggestions in mind? Our comments section is all yours.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 28, 2018, 17:40 [IST]
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