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List Of 11 Foods You Can't Eat With Braces

By Neha

Getting braces for the first time can be painful and the pain persists for a couple of weeks. Although braces have become sturdier with the advent of modern technology, it is still important to be careful not to damage them.

Certain foods can damage the brace components like wires, bracket or the rubber bands. Though they are sturdy, stable and durable, you will still need to treat them with care.

You might prevent damaging the braces by avoiding certain kinds of foods. You should mostly avoid foods that are sticky, chewy or hard in nature. Foods that are soft in nature are recommended because they are gentle on the braces and their components.

Here is the list of foods you can't eat with braces. Take a look and make sure you avoid these.

1. Hard Taco Shells

If you are the person who loves to eat tacos, then you should quit eating them right now. Hard taco shells may break certain metal elements in your braces. Instead, opt for a burrito or you can make your own soft taco shells at home.


2. Crunchy Cookies

Snacking on some store-bought cookies when you are hungry can be a pleasure, but you may damage the braces because while you are biting at it, the crunchy cookies might break the metal elements in the braces. You can consider baking your own cookies or buy soft cookies.


3. Hard And Sticky Candies

What are you going to do if something sweet and sticky gets stuck into your braces? It will not be a pretty sight right? If you try to take it out, you will break the rubber elastics of the braces. Instead, try eating yogurt or a mousse to curb your sugar cravings.


4. Hard Chocolate

If you love chocolates, you need to stop eating them if you have got on your braces. Avoid hard chocolate or gooey ones because the force required to bite into it could damage your braces. You can have a chocolate drink instead.


5. Crunchy Fruits And Veggies

Hard vegetables and fruits like apples and carrot if eaten raw can be painful and cause a lot of damage to your braces. If you can't give up on eating something crunchy, try cooking or boiling them instead.


6. Chewing Gum

If you are thinking of freshening your breath by popping a chewing gum, then you are wrong. It can cause way more problems than good. The gum can stick to your braces and break the metal components on your teeth.


7. Nuts

Nuts can easily get stuck into your braces, break them and be painful to bite into if your teeth are sensitive. If you love eating nuts and can't quit them, you can choose a nut butter and spread it on a soft bread. Then, you need not worry about affecting the braces.


8. Corn On The Cob

Avoid consuming corn on the cob when you have braces on. Biting your front teeth into the hard cob will result in painful oral disaster of the braces. You can boil the corn until it is soft and enjoy it without worrying.


9. Soda

Consuming soda every day with your braces on will only lead to a permanent loss of teeth enamel. When you are wearing braces, the teeth need to be strong to support the braces. You can drink coconut water or carbonated water.


10. Popcorn

The hulls from popcorn have a tendency to get stuck between your teeth. Popcorn kernels can damage the wires or lodge in deeply where you can't get them out. This puts your braces at a higher risk of breaking down easily.


11. Pizza Crust

People with braces should not have a thin crust pizza because it's so crunchy and thin. Biting onto the crust of the pizza will certainly have an impact on your teeth and braces. You can have a pizza with a light and fluffy crust.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 4, 2018, 16:00 [IST]
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