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    Is Drinking Water While Standing Good For You?

    For as long as humans have existed, water has been an intrinsic requirement for our survival. It is so vital that it is considered to do no harm in almost all situations. Almost 75% of our body is made up of water, in fact, experts recommend that we must consume at least 8 glasses of water every day. It is imperative for the normal functioning of our body and its benefits are insurmountable.

    So, water is water, right? What could possibly go wrong with drinking water in the "incorrect" position? Apparently, a lot!

    drinking water while standing research

    We have heard from our parents and grandparents a million times that we should not stand and drink water, but we've never actually taken it seriously. It's water after all, how could the position you stand in determine the effect it has on your body?

    Science, however, is on our grandparent's side this time. Drinking water while standing hits the lower part of the oesophagus, which in turn injures our sphincter - a muscle that connects the oesophagus to the stomach. By the time the sphincter is relaxed, it has already caused the damage. It leads to a medical condition called GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease).

    Not just this, mentioned below are other conditions that could be caused by drinking water while standing.

    1. Indigestion:

    When one sits down and drinks water, their muscles and nervous system are generally more relaxed than when they are standing. This makes our nervous system quickly give out the message to the body to digest water with the other food items that we have eaten.

    2. Damage To Our Kidneys

    When we drink water while standing, the water is not properly filtered by our kidneys. The waste product then goes into our bladder and is mixed with our blood, causing kidney damage. However, if this system continues it can finally cause kidney failure and therefore, ultimately death.

    3. Arthritis

    One of the most well-known damages caused by drinking water in the wrong position is arthritis. When we stand and drink water, we generally tend to disrupt the balance of the other fluids in our body as well, causing a deficiency of the required fluids in the joints. This leads to too much of fluid accumulation in the joints, triggering arthritis. The effect may be seen either immediately, or generally after a long time.

    4. Nerves Aren't Calm

    While sitting and drinking water, the parasympathetic system is in action which basically allows our senses to be calm and placid and the system of digestion to flow in an ease, as compared to the standing position, which puts our body in a fight or flight mode and causes nerve tension in the body.

    5. Acid Levels Remain Undiluted

    We know water is neither acidic in nature nor alkaline; however, it helps in diluting the acidic levels in the body. Water intake is suggested to be in small swigs while sitting down. This posture helps in diluting the acidic level of the body, as the acidic level is combined with the correct amount of water.

    Thus, standing and drinking water can be more harmful than one could imagine.
    Final Word: Sit and drink water, slowly, taking small sips.

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