Food Combinations That Cause Gas

Does your diet consist of the right combination of foods?

An important part of a diet is to have a combination of the right foods that go well with the body. Often, wrong combinations of food can lead to a lot of problems affecting your health.

A lot of people fall sick not because of contacting with any disease but by consuming food combinations that don't go well with each other. And this happens unconsciously, as most of the people are not even aware of the food combinations that might make them fall sick.

One of the most common effects that people complain about after consuming wrong food combinations is that it might lead to the formation of gas. This condition is common in most of the people and mostly they are unable to figure out that it is the wrong food combos that are making them sick.

Therefore, it is very important to list out the incompatible food combinations that you can consciously eliminate from your diet.

Few of the food combinations that you should avoid are discussed below:


Fruits After Meal

We all know the importance of fruits as a part of our diet. But it can cause havoc if combined with other foods. It is advised not to have fruits immediately after a meal, as it delays the process of digestion and absorption. The fibre content in fruits can delay the process, leading to gas and bloating of the stomach.


Dairy And Starch

Diary products take a longer time to be digested and if it is combined with starch, then the process of digestion even takes a longer time, causing gas and bloating. Bread with dairy products thus comes under the list of wrong combination of foods.


Acidic Fruits And Starch

Starch and acidic fruits when consumed together can cause sickness, as the combination lengthens the process of digestion, causing gas and indigestion problems.


Starch And Sugar

These popular breakfast combos like jams, jellies don't go well with bread. Starch and sugar when consumed in a combination can lead to fermentation, causing gas and bloating.


Beans And Cheese

Though this combination my appeal to the taste buds, dairy combined with beans is incompatible and might even lead to unwanted gas, bloating and indigestion. So, it is better to avoid consumption of beans and cheese.


Fruits And Vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables are ideal to be included in our diet. But it is a wrong idea to combine both and it might lead to gas and bloating.


Meat And Potatoes

This combination does not go well for the stomach, as the combination of protein and carbohydrate can cause problems of gas as well as other issues.


Liquid After Meals

Consumption of water or beverages right after a meal might dilute the enzymes responsible for digestion. Hence, it is essential to maintain a time gap between the meals and consumption of water or any beverage.

To avoid a bloated stomach, we should look into what we eat and avoid incompatible foods. This can lead to a proper nourishment of the body, resulting in good health and vigor.

So, give your body a compatible palate!

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    Story first published: Saturday, March 10, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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