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10 Tips To Improve Memory While Studying

This is the month where board exams of most of the schools and colleges have commenced. Students have been preparing themselves to give their best shot during the exams. Exams are the time, when you need to relax your mind and concentrate only on studying.

A good memory is important to help you remember the skills that you have learned and retrieve information that is stored in the brain. A decline in memory will have an impact on the exams. So, it's important that you incorporate some changes during your exams.


A healthy diet along with good breathing exercises will freshen your body and keep your brains alert. There are many simple tips that can help boost your memory.

Read on to know more about the tips to improve memory while studying.

1. Sleep Is Important

While you are sleeping, the brain stores new memories. Good-quality sleep helps to strengthen your memories and new information because your brain is taking too much of information during exams. If you sleep less, it means your brains won't retain or recall information.


2. Reduce Stress

Taking too much of stress during the exams should be avoided. Though, students are under pressure due to the exams, it's common to be stressed out. Constant stress can shrink the brains, leading to destruction of the brain cells.


3. Play Brain Games

Playing brain games will help activate synapses in the whole brain, including the memory. Brain games help to improve the concentration and the ability to recall whatever you have memorized. You can do puzzles like crosswords or sudoku to improve your memory.


4. Vitamin D

The main source of vitamin D is sunlight and this is closely associated with your brain health and memory. Want to know how? Higher vitamin D levels are linked to improve verbal memory scores and may protect the brain from dementia, promoting a better brain function.


5. Meditation

Meditation is important for sharpening your ability to focus. This helps in retaining and storing information and blocks out distractions. Meditation improves blood flow and benefits the brain in a large way. Do meditation for 10 to 15 minutes daily.


6. Eat More Brain-boosting Foods

Whatever you eat will affect your brain and memory. Food provides fuel to the brain to function properly. Eating anti-inflammatory foods that are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids will sharpen your brain and memory.


7. Exercise

Exercising during the exams will increase alertness and provide oxygen supply to the brain. It will help to increase cell growth in the parts of the brain, which are responsible for memory. You can do light exercises like jogging, walking, running or skipping.


8. Chewing A Gum

Try chewing a gum if you need to remember a piece of information for around 30 minutes. Studies have found that people do better on both visual and audio memory tasks if they chew on a gum. Chewing gum will keep you focused and improve concentration.


9. Hear A Soothing Music

Many students like to hear a soothing music playing while they study. Listening to music before you start studying will help you to remember better and this works for many. Few students also like to hear to music while studying but, this will cause distractions. So, when you take short breaks between your studies, listen to music.


10. Take A Power Nap

Allow yourself to take a power nap in between. This will freshen your mind and bring alertness. A 30-minute power nap during the day gives your body enough time to repair and rejuvenate for another day of learning and studying.

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