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Ladies! Here Is How Wearing A Bra Can Harm Your Health!

Bra - one of the most essential parts of a lady's closet, is something that most women would own and use, right? Well, did you know that wearing a bra could be harming your health?

Now, most women, start using bras anytime between the ages of 10-14, when they begin to develop breasts, at the onset of puberty.

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From that age on, they will have to wear it throughout their lives! So, obviously, as bras are an essential need for the women, over the years, they have been seen mostly as a fashion accessory that can help women make a style statement!

However, the actual function of a bra is to provide support to a woman's breasts, and make then look firmer and perkier, through her clothes.

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But lately, bras are becoming more and more fashionable, making us question their purpose.

Did you know there are a few ways in which wearing a bra, for prolonged hours can harm your health?


1. Neck Pain

If you are wearing a bra that is not the right size for you, the straps could apply a lot of pressure on the nerves of your neck, causing chronic neck pain.


2. Back Pain

Again, ill-fitting bras that you wear on a daily basis, for long hours can leave a negative impact on the muscles in your back, causing back pain.


3. Affects The Lymphatic System

A recent research study has found that wearing bras for long hours can affect the lymphatic system. When the function of the lymphatic system is affected, its ability to remove the toxins from your breasts decreases, thus making you prone to breast cancer.


4. Breathing Problems

In some cases, if you are wearing a bra which is too tight, or a bra with a very thick under wire, it could affect your rib bones and muscles, giving rise to certain breathing issues.


5. Affects Digestion

Bras which are designed to fit tightly or bras that come with corsets, can apply a lot of pressure on the diaphragm and stomach muscles, affecting the process of digestion.


6. Rashes

If you are wearing bras that are made from materials like lace, then it could lead to a lot of friction on your skin, causing rashes.


7. Fungal Infections

When you use bras that are not from a good brand, they could contain certain toxins in the material used, causing fungal infections on your skin.


8. Breast Cancer

A research study has claimed that the longer you wear a bra, the higher are your chances of breast cancer!

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 11, 2017, 14:22 [IST]