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What Your Breasts Can Tell You About Your Health

By Sravia Sivaram

Did you know that your breasts can communicate a lot about what is going on inside your body? You need to look into these signs and know what your breasts are trying to tell you about your health.

Further, if you notice something unusual, then you must consult your doctor. Paying attention to your breasts is a good way to monitor your overall health.

Most women experience some kind of breast pain at some point of time in their lives. For many, the pain is cyclical and is caused by normal hormonal changes between ovulation and menstruation.

For some people, the tenderness and swelling is so profound that they have to wear different sized bras at different points of their menstrual cycle.

Breast pain that doesn't change along with your cycles is also associated with more worrisome health conditions.

Breasts develop when we hit puberty, but they keep changing over time. Changes in the diet, exercise and lifestyle can cause subtle changes in the breasts too.

In this article, we'll let you know what your breasts say about your health. Read further to know about the things that your breasts can reveal about your health.


1. Change In Breast Size:

An increase in breast size can be caused by weight gain, birth control pills and hormonal changes during a monthly cycle. An increase in your breast size generally indicates a weight gain and a decrease indicates a weight loss.

Breast size can also increase just before you get your period or if you're pregnant.


2. Change In Breast Shape:

Extreme dieting and weight fluctuations can increase the risk of drooping of the breasts. The drooping of the breasts occurs with age, as the ligaments start to stretch and your skin starts to lose its elasticity.


3. Breast Aches And Pain:

Breast aches and pain are usually caused by premenstrual syndrome or PMS. If you have suffered from breast pain, just before your period, then you might have to endure this pain for many years to come. This is what your breasts say about your health.


4. Abnormal Breast Changes:

Sudden and unexplained breast changes usually indicate a more serious underlying health problem. Sudden lumps or bumps, nipple discharge, etc., are things that you must never ignore and should consult your doctor immediately.


5. Inverted Nipples:

Inverted nipples are perfectly normal if they have always been that way. The issue is if you have a new inversion. If all of a sudden you have a sudden inversion, then you need to go to the doctor immediately.

Breast cancer is one of the main reasons for breast retraction. This is one of the things your breasts can say about your health.


6. Colour Changes:

Most advanced breast cancers can lead to skin colour changes and skin dimpling. But colour changes are also a sign of pregnancy when the nipples and areolas can enlarge and darken.

Story first published: Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 17:44 [IST]
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