Breast Fungus: What Causes Infection Around The Breast?

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Skin infections can happen anywhere on the skin. When fungal infection occurs around the breast, it is known as breast fungus.

Certain areas of the skin are more vulnerable to infection compared to others as they have ideal conditions for microorganisms to thrive. Once such area is the skin under the breast.

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If the infection is left untreated, it may spread to other areas too. One main concern is skin discolouration. Though it isn't life threatening, the infection could make the skin unsightly.


Fact #1

What causes this infection? Fungi want dead cells. Also, the moist, warm and dark conditions (under the breasts) help the fungi thrive well.


Fact #2

In some cases, the fungal infection around the breast could be due to yeast. And in other cases, dermatophytes cause the infection.

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Fact #3

What are the risk factors? Excessive sweat increases the risk. Tight bras which don't allow the skin to breathe can also increase the risk. Also, women who have a bigger size are more vulnerable to the infection.


Fact #4

The weather in your area may also worsen the problem. Humidity in the air could cause sweat.

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If you scratch the area due to itching sensation, the infection may get worse as the skin gets torn (on a microscopic level) when you scratch.


Fact #5

Do you have fungal infection on other areas of your body. Then it could spread to your breast area especially if you scratch those areas. Tears in the skin may make it vulnerable to infections.

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Fact #6

What are the symptoms? Redness, rash, itching sensation below the breast, discolouration of skin, odour, cracking of skin etc are some signs. Timely treatment is required to prevent skin discolouration.


Fact #7

In the initial stages, anti-fungal ointment, powder and pills may help. But consulting a doctor is very important. Also, never share inner garments with friends as the infection can spread.

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